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Online Yoga Training

This is 300-hour yoga teacher-training program will be based on the seven chakras for the first 7 weekends we are together. The theme of the training will be how we integrate vibrational medicine into the physical elements of yoga.

We will focus on the four categories of learning objectives while integrating vibration, inclusivity + diversity (how we include ALL into our practice in order to create safe, brave spaces for students to express themselves) as well as intuitive/intelligent sequencing. This training is aimed to connect with the 200 hour teacher who feels as though they want more training in not only the physical aspects of yoga, but also the vibrational.

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Practice Anywhere

Yoga is now more accessible than ever before! Join Jenny on the mat from home as she leads you through practice from the comfort of her living room and favorite yoga studios.

Monday + Wednesday 8:30am – Beverly YMCA. On Monday’s we Kundalini! On Wednesday’s we slow flow.

Tuesday 8:30am
Kundalini Yoga in Marblehead @ LVO YMCA.

Thursdays 10:30am – Surf n Flow @ Marblehead LVO YMCA. Think; yoga meets paddleboards in the pool!

Thursday (around) 8am – Morning mantra. Live on Instagram every week. Join me here.

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Crystal Healer Course

Join Jenny for an in depth, profound new course as you learn how to become a certified crystal healer. This course will help you learn about vibrational and metaphysical energy. Course hours are approved by Yoga Alliance via YACEP.

Next round starts January 5th, 2023.

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Reiki II –

Courses coming soon

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