14 Ways to Love Yourself {MORE}

1. Compliment yourself everyday {use sticky notes on your desk, or in your mirror!!}

2. Take time off regularly. Enjoy each present moment and savor the blessings your receive.

3. Take a pole dancing class.

4. Cultivate daily gratitude.

5. Find a living social/groupon/deal and try something you have NEVER done before!

6. Buy yourself flowers.

7. Grow a garden – or try to!! Remember: it takes time and love to cultivate something beautiful.

8. Take a bubble bath.

9. Get regular spa treatments. Have a massage school nearby? They likely have a weekly clinic that’s MUCH cheaper. Or get a weekly manicure! Indulge a little bit in order to create more self-love.

10. Rescue an animal!

11. Go on a picnic. It could be as close as your backyard or as far as a road trip. Think: a bottle of wine, good friends and your favorite treats.

12. Go on an adventure! Six flag? Swimming in the local lake? Road trip with friends? Trying the new restaurant in town? Checking the local paper for all the fun & free summer activities? YOUR CHOICE!!

13. Watch a sunset or a sunrise. It truly is seeing the paintings of God in the sky.

14. Surround yourself with positive people! Research shows that we are made up of an average of the top 5 people we hang around with the most. Loving yourself will be so much easier if the people you are friends with have the same values, ideas and positive attitude.

Get out there and LOVE YOURSELF today!!

Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear one way that you are choosing to love yourself today.

Get out there-do yoga & make life sparkle,

Sat Nam,


6 thoughts on “14 Ways to Love Yourself {MORE}

  1. Joyce Oladipo

    Wonderful checklist.

    I need to do the first one more. I always look down on myself and this has been hindering my ability to show up more.

    I need to make a shift on this and i need to do this now if not life will pas me by.

    Thanks for this quick reminder. Love it

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks Joyce…..it’s so true. We need to love ourselves so much more than we allow ourselves to.

      Putting the post-its on your desk or a mirror really help. I have them both at my day job and in my home office– you’re beautiful….stay open….find gratitude…..love yourself.

      You’re welcome 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thank you Camesha!! 🙂 It’s a really great, simple reminder. I have the small post-its and I also like the little hearts and stars…. makes it THAT much better.


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