Thanksgiving week always gives me amazing blessings, joys & adventures!!! First of all, it is my birthday week, which is always a blast. I got so many wonderful gifts of love, as well as some fun material gifts (a HUGE octopus necklace, ornaments, and a cooking class!). But more importantly, I was able to spend time with my wonderful family. I could not be more blessed, not only with the family that I’ve always known, but with my husband and in-laws who are such an amazing addition to our family!!
Highlights of the week: a class with Lauren Egavian on Thanksgiving day, a chakra cleanse with Jaqui Bonwell (seriously, check her out!!), cousin day in Boston, seeing old high school friends, an engagement party for one of my favorites, and finding a tree topper for our first Christmas tree.
Journey to Hope has so many adventures lying in the weeks ahead. Please check out our benefit class on December 18th @ Mid-Cape Raquet Club at 8:30am!!!
Also, please take a look at our training section, as we are still looking for more volunteers. We will begin teaching in January with 4 new classes added and would love help spreading the love & light of yoga.
As always,
May you embody love, speak truth and perceive kindness,

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