2013 in Review!

In 2013 I had the opportunity to make new friends, go to many beautiful weddings and spread more love than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for both the darkness and the light this year~

My year truly kick off in February when an amazing work opportunity brought me to Texas for the first time! I boarded a flight to Austin, TX with my beautiful friend Nadia for a few days to attend and present at the TCEA conference. While we were there, Boston received 5 feet of snow, and Nadia and I were treated to a few extra days in paradise! We went to yoga, shopped in beautiful antique stores and got a chance to see the Capital building!



Nadia & I at the Capital Building

I also wrote about how to stay healthy while traveling — which is always a challenge! 

A Texas lunch

February was a huge month. It also brought the celebration of our beautiful friends marriage, Anisha & Niraj — complete with a fun Indian party! While we were there, we met two amazing new friends: Mike & Susie.

Hubby & I with the beautiful newlyweds!

March brought the beginning of my newest teacher training! A 500 hour certification in Prana Flow with the amazing Coral Brown.


March also began The Ahimsa Project’s first round. The first nine women were so brave and I am eternally grateful for their trust and excitement in the journey! {By the way, the third round starts on Valentine’s Day — click here to learn more}.

April brought lots of work, but it also brought a very fun 1930’s party! Hubby and I were asked to play major roles in this dinner/murder mystery party and by the end of the evening he had won Best Actor!! 🙂 It was such a fun night out with our friends Nadia & Tom — an evening we won’t soon forget.


Nadia & I as flappers!

I also had the AMAZING opportunity to volunteer with Yoga Reaches Out as an assistant during the month of April!!! We collectively raised $500,000 for Children’s Hospital Boston as a group of 800+ yogis. This coming year will be even better I imagine and I am grateful for such a wonderful opportunity to be involved!


June kicked off an amazing summer of teaching yoga & visiting friends to our beautiful home on the Cape! Mike, Susie, Niraj & Anisha came to visit at the end of June for a weekend of fun in the sun.

Summertime visits!

June also brought LOTS of teaching — as did July & August. Something I am always grateful for!! At the end of August and the beginning of September some {amazing} changes began to appear in terms of job opportunities for hubby and my teaching slowed down. By the end of September I had transitioned out of my full time job and started substitute teaching at Power Yoga of Cape Cod. I was and am so blessed to have worked there for over two beautiful and amazing years!!! What a fabulous team of yogis to work with!!!

Thanks Kadri Kurgun for your amazing photos!
The amazing PYCC team!

The summer brought many other amazing celebrations, boating excursions and family time! As is typical, we spent the majority of the summer in or around the water. There was plenty of time at the lake, dad turned 60 (and we had a HUGE celebration on the boat), he become a captain and hubby was enrolled in a scuba diving course!

Driving the boat in style
Summery cousin love
Dads 60th birthday party!
The next scuba diver
Boat kisses

And let’s not forget my biggest moment in August: I got a tattoo!! I love it so much & you can learn all about it’s meaning here.

Isvara Pranidhana

September brought a LOT of change!!! At one point we believed we may be headed for Chicago, but by the end of the year we knew we would be settled at home in Boston. Moving from the Cape has been such a sad (and yet amazing) transition. Throughout the process: I went to Niagara Falls with my mom for the first time, saw Michael Buble in concert with my grandma, reunited with old friends, began subbing on the north shore, hosted my second round of The Ahimsa Project  (this time with 32 amazingly brave women) and began to move our home and life into the city!



I also began a few fun new series on the website. I began to interview amazing women for the Woo-woo series and I created a weekly YouTube video called Nama Say Wednesdays!

I even created a fun new challenge on Instagram called the Power Your Spirit challenge in October which was amazing! Instagram has been such a fun and exciting place to be in the past few months. I have been involved in challenges as a participant as well as a creator! The next challenge starts January 1st — follow me @ jenny.ravikumar to join in the fun.

It has been a very fun whirlwind of a year but it was worth every moment. Along the road, we also managed to squeeze in four more weddings and spent a HUGE amount of time with our families!

At Ashley & Frankies wedding
Love him so much!

Amongst all the transition my husband turned 30 (!!), Hubby & I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this October and Apollo & I shared yet another birthday!



This winter we have begun to create roots in the city. We are transitioning into new jobs, creating a fun new life and playing everything by ear. In 2014 I am creating an intention for three things: Strength, Abundance & Love. 

I’m very excited to see what the year ahead has to offer and am ever grateful for YOU. Thank you for reading, following along and coming to play on each of my adventures. I cannot wait to see you in a self-love session, on a retreat, in a workshop or in class (either in The Ahimsa Project or in person)!!

Sending you love, light & ever lasting gratitude!

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