2014 Words: Free Love Friday

This year I have been spending a lot of time on my “words” for the year. Having done Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map (oh yes yes yes) and understanding the power of my words, I have understood how truly important it is this year to hold them just as close and dear to me as my goals.

The words that I have chosen are: ABUNDANCE, Strength & Love.

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New mala bracelets meaning abundance, strength & love

Abundance deserves all capital letters because it is the words I need the most in my world. Opening a yoga studio brings a lot of stress (and double the joy) into your life and I know I will be relying heavily on this world in 2014.

My woo-woo sisters in the B-school group helped me pull back the curtain a few weeks ago. I was feeling heavy, down in the dumps and all around miserable. Doubt was starting to creep in everywhere: “Am I ready for this? Do I have enough money? What am I doing?!” But it was no use, because between the universe and myself, there was NO stopping the wheels put in motion to make this Shala a reality.

The curtain fell back after a manifestation activity. I felt the need to cry poor mouth and to sit in a lack mindset…. and then the funniest thing happened. I won a necklace!

On Instagram I had entered one of the many contests I am always clicking on and my response was the winner. I had WON something. It struck me in a moment of clarity that THIS is abundance. I needed to stop looking gift horses in the mouth and appreciate every moment of abundance: monetary or not.

In the past few weeks, I have risen my vibrations and TRULY used the word abundance. Every time I receive a dime on the street or a smile from a stranger, I am living in abundance. This one word lies alongside my two others: strength & love. Through the strength and love of my amazing family, as well as my inner guidance I KNOW I will be living in an abundant mindset and because of that I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for me.



This week I was given so many blessings and opportunities to not only enjoy life but to pay it forward. I read a beautiful new book: Bring on the Blessings, I gorged on House of Cards and snuggle time with Apollo & hubby, I saw my beautiful cousins twice, laughed with my mom, held both my furry babies, wrote beautiful thank you cards, received a wonderful gift and many surprises in abundance, gave meditations, received an intuitive reading from a beautiful friend, re-connected, listened to my own advice, connected with women from all over the world and was given the opportunity to donate $172 to Yoga Reaches Out!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the lessons & laughter this week.
Sending you love & light!!!

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