21 Things About Me: A Self-Care Exercise

This month I am participating in Elena Lipson’s 21 Day Kiss-Ass Self Care Strategies. She is such an amazing entrepreneur and on the exact same wavelength as I am so I wanted to connect and slow down to enjoy some self-love and self-care of my own! What an amazing experience. Seriously, when she runs this again in 2014 you should definitely check it out!

One of her challenges is to write 21 things about yourself as part of a self-love challenge, so I felt it would be fun and lighthearted to add it to the blog this Monday morning!

  1. Apollo is my first dog but my 4th pet. I had a cat when I was much younger (Buffy), and two cats now (Digger & Zep). Zep lives with my mom and dad now because he LOVES my dad and didn’t want to live with us anymore.   361_600687295772_2816_n 1422540_10101647410138762_279674118_n
  2. My favorite number is 22. Now it’s because it is the date of my birthday, but when I was in first grade it was because the boy I had a crush on lived across the street and his house number was 22.
  3. My best friend and I have a friend-versary because we always believed it wasn’t fair that couples have anniversary’s because we have been together longer (26 years!). 944633_10101477369456652_1832608233_n
  4. My first “car” was a white 2001 Ford Sport Track and I LOVED it!
  5. In my family there is a constant battle over one license plate. When my nana passed away she gave me her car and the license plate gets passed between us all. It’s only 4 numbers because it is one of the older license plates.
  6. I will do pretty much anything to avoid snow and am looking forward to a week in Florida this year so I can scuba dive with my family! 23440_783671134692_2729577_n
  7. If you didn’t realize from my logo or from following me on any social media platform, I LOVE Octopi. They are fascinating and beautiful. Did you know they only live until they are about 3 years old?
  8. I knew I would marry my husband the week we met. (Which makes me a creep—haha—but I just happened to know right away).
  9. 1382833_10101585859781172_1038029798_n I’m pretty sure my husband and I switched ethnicities somewhere along the road. I love Indian food more than any sane person should and he loves American food. We make each other’s moms really happy at dinnertime.
  10. Hubby & I are very family oriented and that’s one of the reasons I married him. We both have strong family values and spend a ton of time with ours.
  11. I regularly drink green smoothies with things like jalapenos in them but six years ago I couldn’t even stand the smell of broccoli. Thanks to a pushy roommate I finally started enjoying veggies and now I juice them almost daily (Thanks Karen!)
  12. I have way too many journals and notebooks. I prefer writing on paper.
  13. I’m a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and 3/4 of the way through my 500-hour certification. I also have a Master’s degree in teaching English to second language learners, and a Bachelor’s degree in English, education and theater. I love education.
  14. I only started practicing yoga 6 years ago, but I cannot really imagine my life without it. It keeps me grounded as a practice, has become my career and is something I practice daily (regardless of whether or not I’m practicing the asanas).
  15. I was a theater major in college and haven’t been on the stage  (or behind it) since I graduated. It’s something I should get back into someday. I always imagine hubby & I doing community theater when we are older!
  16. I am always cold. (See #6) – In fact at the moment I’m sitting in front of my personal heater while I write this.
  17. This year I went to an Ayurvedic practitioner for the first time and she explained WHY I’m always cold (and why I don’t like milk). It was an amazing experience that I’m looking forward to continuing.
  18. I’ve traveled a lot, but I don’t think I will ever be satiated. I love traveling!
  19. I still haven’t been to India! As a yoga teacher and the wife of a South Indian man, I am ITCHING to go now. Fingers crossed our trip works out in 2014.
  20. This year I finally found the perfect winter coat after years of searching….and I finally believe I’m coming into my own in regards of style.
  21. I wish I were a mermaid, but because I can’t be I’ll settle for diving in the keys!

So what about YOU? What’s a fun fact you have in your life that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below with one of your fun facts and if you’d like create a 21 things about me of your own. It’s a fun self-love practice and allows us to dig deep!!

Get out there- do yoga & make life sparkle!!


2 thoughts on “21 Things About Me: A Self-Care Exercise

  1. Elena

    I LOVE your list Jenny. You seriously make me smile. I feel like I know you so much better. I totally share your craving for Indian food and KNOW I will go there one day.

    I LOVE your coat and YES, fashion and style is SO much about being on brand and enjoying life on all levels. In fact, next year I’m adding a style element to my Self-Care programs.

    You are amazing and I am so glad to know you.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Aww thank Elena! I’m so glad we are on the same page.

      And YES fashion is important. I’m adding in that element as well… how yogis dress or something like that in 2014 on my blog. I have many new and fun inspiring outfits that I think I should be sharing. Style is so much about self-love, just as is our posture and our attitude. Love it!! 🙂

      I’m glad I know you too!! xo


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