29 Ideas for Fall

29 things to do for fall

  1. Walk outside, and purposely find leaves to crunch under your boots.
  2. Practice yoga OUTDOORS. Yesterday I taught a class for Journey to Hope on a gazebo. It was still warm enough, but we were wearing long sleeves. Delicious weather.
  3. Go apple picking.
  4. Go pumpkin picking.
  5. Paint a pumpkin with glitter.
  6. Buy a handmade koozie for your mason jar.
  7. Take lots of pictures!!!
  8. Visit a yoga studio you’ve never been to before.
  9. Drive up the coast of New England and take photos of the leaves (or become a leaf peeper – which I still cannot believe is a real word).
  10. Jump on a trampoline with a delicious and healthy snack.
  11. Too cold to sleep in a tent outside? No worries! Make a pillow fort inside (suitable for adults: especially when making life changing decisions on where to live…)
  12. Decorate!! Even when I lived in a tiny apartment with my roommate Karen, I would become my mother and whip out decorations from the year before, or buy more from the dollar store. Embrace the HOME feel and buy leaves, glitter pumpkins, scarecrows & more.
  13. Make warm alcoholic anything: rum in cider, vodka in hot chocolate… hot toddies are so scurmptious this time of year.
  14. Buy a brand new sweater and try not to wear it every day.
  15. Pull out your best boots.
  16. Find the best crock pot recipes.
  17. Try a new style of yoga.
  18. Go indoor rock climbing.
  19. Take a trapeze class.
  20. Buy fall candles and place them everywhere in your home.
  21. Re-decorate your meditation altar.
  22. Have an energy healing or a massage.
  23. Find or make the perfect hot chocolate (I’m still looking, suggestions welcome).
  24. Go on a date with your girlfriends (some outdoor patios are still open, so don those boots & perfect sweater to enjoy a glass of wine outside).
  25. Make pumpkin spice lattes at home (or try a version with no coffee in it).
  26. Create a gratitude list.
  27. Go to the beach.
  28. Make a great Halloween costume.
  29. Throw a Diwali Party (!!!) – way better than Halloween if you ask me.

Amongst the boots, the pumpkin spice lattes and apple picking find some time for quiet reflection. Fall is my favorite season (and not only because of our wedding anniversary and my birthday…) because we now have the time to slow down. Fall is when I started my Kundalini practice and cultivated more energy work into my practice. It’s often the time when I write more, sleep more and stress less. Take the time this season to reflect, relax and breathe in the transition.

If you have anything to add, I would LOVE to see it in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing YOUR favorite fall activities.


Sending you love, yoga & pumpkin glitter!


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