4 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” — Hippocrates

If you’re anything like me breakfast in the morning has to be quick! This reason is twofold because either you won’t end up eating anything or you end up grabbing a cup of espresso and a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich on an English muffin. Or at least that’s what USED to happen. Now, I wake up every morning feeling vibrant and radiant. I wake up feeling ready to go once I have had a green smoothie! Here are the top 4 reasons YOU should have a green smoothie for breakfast every day.

  1. They are fast & Nutritious!

As I mentioned, I need something to be quick in the morning and a smoothie is just that. I always keep frozen fruits on hand in the off chance that I run out of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. I also buy greens each week for my smoothie. Typically these consist of kale, spinach & swiss chard (all full of vegetable protein and ultra-delicious)! Each morning I know that I have fulfilled my daily intake of fruits and vegetables before I even arrive at my desk to sit down and begin my day. If I don’t have a chance to grab a salad or greens throughout the day, I know I’m already covered.

  1. You’re Radiant! You {literally} glow!

Have you ever noticed that people who drink green smoothies typically have an abundance of energy and a certain radiant glow to them? This is true and not only an observation, but scientifically proven! Some fruits & vegetables have a circulation-boosting effect and can make you look and feel more radiant and alive. Green smoothies help regulate your digestion and when your digestive tract is working perfectly, your body can eliminate more toxins and clean up many skin problems.

  1. Vitamins! Minerals! Nutrients!

Not only are you getting a variety of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients through the vegetables and fruits you’re adding in, you can also add in protein powders and other delicious and quick health foods. A while back, I wrote an article called Smoothie 411 and it has a ton of delicious suggestions. Go check it out for more information on things like chia seeds, maca powder and cacao.

  1. You will become more alkaline

I bet you’re thinking, what is alkaline and why does it matter so much? Alkaline is a ph of more than 7. In America our ph balance is typically much more acidic due to our (bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches/espresso) SAD or the Standard American Diet. This is due to the amount of processed foods, sugar, and fat content within our diet. Drinking green smoothies and green teas will help us to alkaline our bodies and create a more neutrally balance ph level which is great for our overall health!

Do YOU drink green smoothies? I would love to know what you drink and your favorite recipe. As I ask at least twice a week on facebook: What’s in YOUR jar?? Please leave a recipe below in the comment section and share. I would love to see how many delicious recipes we can share.

Get out there–do yoga, make smoothies & make life SPARKLE!!!
Sat Nam,

10 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies

  1. April

    WOW Jenny!  You made this the first, quick & fun Green smoothie post I’ve ever read!! Thank you for listing all the wonderful benefits.  I think you just motivated me to get back on my smoothie-track!  Thanx!! 🙂

    1. Jenny R Post author

      You’re so welcome!! Glad to hear you are on the smoothie track–it’s my favorite place to be!! If you don’t have a recipe for tomorrow, try my go-to (lately): lemon, pineapple, greens, zucchini & green apple and then a pinch of cayenne pepper!! (You can leave out the pepper–just gives it a fun kick). Jai. ❤

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Oooh pumpkin! I haven’t tried it yet which is so silly seeing as how much I LOVE everything pumpkin. I’m more of a cayenne in my lemon type girl — but will definitely be throwing in some leftover pumpkin & spice in the AM. Thanks for the suggestion. 

  2. Kim

    Thanks for the green smoothie love. I’m going to try these recipes out.
    I’m not drinking green smoothies, so I’m going for that radiant glow you mentioned.
    I would love to look more radiant.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      You WILL look radiant. Seems silly, but I swear my skin is clearer than before. Plus, they taste great & they’re a quick boost of nutrients. Looking forward to seeing your green smoothies soon!


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