5 Things to NOT do When Your Boss is in Town!

This week I decided to make my own deodorant. I’m not quite sure WHY I made this decision, but I found a fun tutorial online a few weeks ago and thought it would be a fun Sunday project! Vintage Amanda is a girl I found through B-school and just loved, loved, loved her stuff. Go check out her tutorial now and then follow her on facebook. Super fun, I promise!

The interesting thing about me making my own deodorant this week is that my boss is in town. He doesn’t happen to live in the same state, so him visiting is usually a pretty big deal… and this was the week I decided I wanted to try a new health experiment. Sounds typical…

But of course it gets much better! Today I woke up with great hair. The type of hair that was washed last night and looks tousled. I loved it the way it was but I knew it could use a little bit of “oomph.” I remember my friend Molly mentioning something called dry shampoo a few years back and decided I could also make THIS today.

I looked it up online, found some recipes and decided to “fix” my hair at 5:30am! It looks fabulous by the way and I do promise to share once I’ve experimented with it more and played with a few other techniques.

As I was getting ready. I kept thinking to myself that these were things I probably shouldn’t be doing when my boss was visiting. Trying out new health tips and tricks, smelling like patchouli… but they are just so much fun! Without further ado, I present to you the top tips to NOT try while your boss is in town!

1) Make your own deodorant 

Apparently deodorant is bad for you. Toxins and the like. I understand this on some level, but haven’t fully grasped the concept of not wearing any. I need it, you need it, many people need deodorant! I would not suggest trying a no-deo experiment while the boss is in town!! However, making your own deodorant is super easy and fun. I ran out of my store bought brand and stumbled across Amanda’s tutorial. You only need a handful of ingredients and it works really well. Today is day 2 of the experiment and while my boss is here I do believe it is going quite while!

2) Make your own dry shampoo

As I mentioned this morning, I tried it for the first time! I LOVE IT. I’m not quite sure I’d recommend the experiment while the boss-lady-man is in town, but if you’re as adventurous as I am — GO FOR IT! {I will be posting a tutorial soon–just want to make sure it works and try it a few more times in different settings}

3) Have your mother-in-law visit

{…and then cooking you delicious curry} You will likely smell like garlic for days, but in ayurvedic practices as well as most health blogs and nutritionists, you would be packing in a bundle of delicious nutrients and doing wonders for your digestion, skin and internal heat. Again, not sure I would recommend having the adding stress of birthdays, mother-in-laws and India food while adding in the stresses of work…. but the comfort of home-food, garlic and love might help you!!

On a side note, I truly cannot WAIT until my in-laws come tomorrow and for all the surprises lined up for my husband’s 30th birthday. So exciting!!

4) Add new ingredients to your smoothie

Such as cilantro (not quite sold…yet), apple cider vinegar, or garlic. These may be delicious and pack a mean bunch in terms of healthy qualities but your boss may not appreciate the whole garlic bit. Can you tell I’ve been on a kick, or is it just me???

5) Try a new regiment for your joints

As a yogi, I am constantly looking for ways to improve both my inner and outer health. In all the years I have been practicing I have only had one injury. Unfortunately, this injury won’t go away and no one quite knows what’s wrong with it. I’ve been to my primary care, an orthopedic doctor, a physical therapist, an energy healer and an acupuncturist (who helped me the most…must go back to see her!!).

Throughout all of these appointments, I’ve realized that the only person who can heal my wrist is myself. I refuse to take any form of medication unless the pain is too intense to write or drive (in which case I then take aleeve). So I try all kinds of herbs and natural medicines. The one that works the best is castor oil with tumeric which I do in the evenings. I’m supposed to leave it overnight but I’m afraid of getting it on my sheets and can’t yet justify this!

This past weekend, I found a daytime remedy that replicates this idea in a subtle way. So I bought it and used it today at work! Castor oil, sunflower oil and a variety of natural ingredients. I decided to try it at work today after trying it at home for a few nights. Karthik says I smelled like gasoline…. might not be the best for my boss’ nostrils — but I’m sure he’ll be okay if he knew WHY I smelled like gasoline!! {And to be fair, I don’t think it’s THAT bad of a smell…}



castor pack
Silly picture of me & my castor oil pack!



What’s on YOUR list of funny things you’ve tried before work, or in front of your boss?? Would love to see a comment below with some of your stories.

Giving you love & light
Sat Nam,

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