7 Ways to Live Your Truth

Teaching — Living MY Truth

Living your truth can be the most divine & scariest thing you’ve ever done. You can trust me: I just quit my job and I write and teach all day long. Granted it was a slew of circumstances that afforded me the opportunity to take a leap (including the fact that we still don’t know where our future will be)… but I am beyond grateful and equally terrified. Here’s a list of 7 ways to live your truth:

1)    Allow yourself to be UN cool. That’s right, un-cool. I recently watched a clip of Brene Brown with Oprah and she was talking about how the ‘cool’ thing to do now is NOT care and to act super tough. Give yourself permission to act un-cool. When you’re exciting about an upcoming launch of your product: scream & SHOUT & cry!! When you finally finish writing your book or complete your yoga teacher training – leap into the air, drink a glass of wine (or a smoothie) and yell out loud THAT WAS  EFFING AWESOME! When you quit your job and finally feel free, give yourself permission to cry for joy and for sadness. Give yourself permission to be un-cool, un-couth and totally JOYOUS.

2)     Go backwards. Not in life necessarily, but in passion. We often put down our truth somewhere along the road of life. We work hard and we forget that we used to: dance, photograph, model, write, create and play. Give yourself permission to time travel and re-discover & ignite old passions!

3)    Take time off. This may not be the ideal time to quit your job and follow your dreams, but it doesn’t mean you can’t chase the rainbow! Take a day off and do what it is you WANT to do. DO NOT GET SIDE TRACKED AND VACUUM YOUR HOUSE – actually go out into the world and do your thing. For a whole day!

4)    Educate yourself. Have you always wanted to blow glass? Become a potter? Learn to code a website? Create rooms for interior design? Begin living the life you want by taking classes at your local community college and discover which passion is meant for YOU!

5)    Practice on a friend. If you don’t quite think you have what it takes to put your passion into the universe yet experiment with a friend! Ask them if you can cut their bangs, create a painting for their home, or give them acunpuncture/massage/reiki/private yoga. Whatever your new skill is ask a friend to be your guinea pig. Chances are they will be super excited & might even write a testimonial for you if you want to start your own business!

6)    Do something that scares you.  Go beyond your comfort zone. Push past the breaking point. You want to live your truth? Sometimes it’s SCARY and big and bold….. and THAT is where you need to be.

7)    Breathe. As a yoga teacher this is always my biggest piece of advice. Just breathe. Take it one day at a time. When you’re living your truth you will feel much more connected to yourself and the world around you. Live one day at a time, push your limits, laugh & be bolder than you ever thought you could be!!

You deserve the life you WANT. Get out there, do yoga & make the world SPARKLE!! Begin to live your truth one day at a time and always remember to breathe.

Now it’s YOUR turn. In the comments below tell me how you are living your truth.

Sending you love & light,



10 thoughts on “7 Ways to Live Your Truth

  1. Disa

    Fabulous stuff! I’m totally guilty of getting sidetracked and cleaning the house on days that I set aside to work. I would say that right now I’m rocking the education piece. I’m on track to finish my degree in Human Development by next spring. This is big for me because I returned to school last year after years as a single, working mommy and I’m finishing up sooner than I expected. I’m also scheduled to take life coach training and I can’t wait to blend my traditional and nontraditional education into the my own unique gift of service to the world.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      I am guilty of it as well!! As are ALL the women in my family. It’s sooooo important to take the time for YOU!! Excited to hear and learn about your journey as you blend two worlds!! Sending love.

  2. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo

    #3 for me! I speak so much about taking an artist date with my clients – though it’s rare I honor one for myself!

    I did just that on Saturday and found myself in downtown Los Angeles in an art gallery, exploring my totem animal (the Raven!), and then happening upon the most magical courtyard cafe where I sipped genmaicha and wrote for hours!

    So rejuvenating and exactly what I needed to live my truth in that moment!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      It’s so important! Even as we build our own businesses (or sit in an office) we need to rejuvenate our soul. I did this today: I needed a break and had a green smoothie and a nice walk around the block. So happy to hear you took yourself on an artist date!!

      How does one find out their animal? Id love to know mine!

  3. april

    fabulous post, jenny. and sage advice. i love all of your tips, but especially #1, 6, and 7. i’m very good at expressing myself (no problem being “uncool”), i am in the midst of doing something that scares me, and when i remember to breathe i immediately feel the benefits. thank you for a beautiful reminder.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      You’re so welcome April! The breath is extremely important!! So happy to hear you’re able to stay uncool & let your emotions shine! xx

  4. Yasmine

    genius! im totally uncool all the time!! i love it!!
    I have been actually been doing this alot recently by being more honest and writing from a very authentic space, its been quite a shift for me!

  5. Jenny R Post author

    I love that! I have been even more authentic as well in my recent writing and it feels so freeing!! Such a great feeling to be truly authentic. You rock girl! 🙂

      1. Jenny R Post author

        Always! Such a great reminder to stay in the moment… and BREATHE. It’s so important to keep pushing so we can be authentic. So happy for you!


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