A Guide to Yogic Gift Giving: Moroccan Magic

Moroccan Magic is one of the smoothest, most amazing lip balms on the market. Kristina Tsipouras has a penchant for creating good businesses. As a Boston Blogger on BusyGirlDaily, and having started a successful organic iced tea company last year using her grandmother’s recipe, this natural loving city girl is on fire. At the age of 27 she decided she wanted to quit the corporate world and start on her own. The entrepreneurial world was calling to her from behind her desk as she sat in meetings thinking about ways to escape.

Her beverage company was hugely successful! The greek caffeine-free, herbal tea is delicious and available in Wegman’s, Roche Brothers and other local market places. It all became a little too commercial for her and she wanted to take a step back and work on a company with less moving parts. She’s still involved in the company, but at the moment Moroccan Magic is her baby. In fact, this company is very much in its infancy! They are only two weeks old and beloved by many already.

Let’s meet Kristina!

1. How did you get started with Moroccan Magic?

After launching my green tea company, I fell in love with being an entrepreneur. My whole heart believes that if you’re going to eat organic, you should wear organic as well. I decided to not only be involved in a company that is a consumer good to be consumer internally, but also a consumer good to be used externally. I’m a self-proclaimed lip balm expert and decided that’s where I’d like to start!

A friend of mine visits Morocco regularly and brought me back some argan oil from a local co-op she visits. The interesting thing about argan oil is that in America we know it as a hair product, whereas in Morocco they mainly use it for under their eyes or on their lips as a moisturizer. The moment I tried the oil I knew it would create the perfect lip balm formula. We developed the balm right away and have been live for two weeks!

2. You’re a Boston Blogger as well. Can you tell me a little about your blog?

Yes of course! I am hugely interested in helping other women and that’s a large part of my online business. I create PR, marketing and branding advice & courses for women. My corporate job was in event marketing and wedding planning in Manhattan so I saw many women trying to create their ideal brand and lifestyle while I was there. I decided to make it a huge part of my mission and have loved helping women!

3. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

My parents sent me to the Greek Islands with my 3 best friends for my College graduation present in 2007. Best Summer of my life!

4. What’s your favorite quote?

“There is plenty of room at the top. Stop competing and start collaborating!” #girlpower

5. Who inspires you to keep growing, or inspired your journey into entrepreneurship initially?

My Greek Grandparents who believed in me more than anyone. They had the happiest spirits and love for life even though they grew up with nothing. They struggled their entire lives. Even though they have both passed on, I think of how proud they would be of me today and that keeps me going. My parents also were Entrepreneurs and they believed in me from the beginning. With that support and courage, even the toughest days are worth it to make my family proud.

A Yogic Guide to Gift Giving: Moroccan Magic

I loved meeting with Kristina! She is such a beautiful spirit and loves what she does. Her mission to serve women across the world by empowering them hits the nail close to home and her dream to help everyone live a more natural life is exactly where I am daily. A girl of my own heart!! Plus the lip balm is AMAZING!!! Hop on over to my instragram tomorrow for our giveaway. 3 lucky winners will receive a Moroccan Magic Lip Balm this week to be theirs before Christmas!! (And you can always buy a few today over on her website!)

Sending you all lots of love & light

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