A Rainy Magical Monday

What a beautiful day! Okay, okay I know it’s raining and many of you may have the Monday blues, but I prefer to have a Magical Monday instead. Rainy days typically believe I get more done in terms of administrative work (typically) and it’s also the perfect excuse to read.

One of my 2015 goals was to read as many of the top 100 books as I could. I quickly realized after some research that I couldn’t find a “list” that I loved. I’ve read many of the classics and some of the newer lists just didn’t hit home. So I’ve modified it to be a slightly different goal: how many books can I read this year? With baby boy coming soon I want to get in as much as I can (especially some of our RYT books I want to re-read for my Barefoot Yoga Shala teacher training).

Today I’m working on Messages from the Masters which was gifted to me at the perfect time. I’m also finishing Do Your Om Thing by Rebecca Pacheco, which will be in our teacher training! I’m totally light up by it and picking which chapters we will read! The next book on my spiritual list is The Pilgrimage by Paulo Cohelo. And then it’s summer reading until baby arrives! If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below – I love me a good summer read.

This Monday is magical for so many reasons. I’m finally writing again and reflecting on all the fun adventures I have had during my second trimester of this pregnancy. I’m excited to officially be 7.5 months pregnant next week (in my third trimester and one step closer to meeting the nugget). I know my adventures will start slowing down and I’ll be hanging out by the lake with my family, so this is the perfect time for me to reflect and begin writing to you about all these amazing places I’ve been.

The new moon is tomorrow which is another reason for all this magic. New moons represent an ideal time for us to set intentions and create wishes for the weeks and months ahead. This new moon I’ll be concentrating on what I want to create before baby boy is born. I have 2 months left of “me time” and I plan to spend it wisely: a mixture of working on our teacher training/teaching awesome classes this summer and spending time with my family at the lake! I would LOVE to know your wishes below.

The Little Things

Great cups of half caf lattes (my savior during pregnancy), a beautiful audition this morning by one of our new substitute teachers, everyone still being so light up about last weeks yoga retreat, having lead my VERY FIRST yoga retreat at 7 months pregnant, rainy admin days, good books, completing goals, working on our yoga teacher training manual, my two best friends being in town this week and next, dinner with one of my favorite sister sets tomorrow night, outdoor classes, the upcoming mini boho festival, Game of Thrones (!!), hubby and I finding the perfect binge TV (Homeland), the chakra series at BYS, Dave & Buster’s visits, great blog posts, laughter and lastly, my sister in laws graduation party: Indians dancing all night long, delicious food, my family loving every moment and everyone’s joyful celebration!!

I hope your Monday is just as magical!!! Please leave a comment below with book suggestions, your own blessings this week or the wishes you’re putting into the world for the new moon.

Love & Light



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