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As you can probably tell, I am a lover of all things AHIMSA!

As I mention in The Ahimsa Project page: ‘The official definition of ahimsa is “the belief of refraining from harming any living being.” I define it as “the act of loving and being kind to yourself.”’

In the past few months, I have helped over 35 women redefine themselves and add ahimsa to their lives. I have seen breakthroughs, transformations, love and more support than I ever garnered possible. I’ve seen these women begin to create a TRUE self-love revolution! It has been miraculous and more than I could have ever hoped for.

When The Ahimsa Project began a year ago, I had 5 women sign up for free as they had purchased a Leap of Faith Kit and it was included. They had no idea what they were in for… and at the time I didn’t really know either. All I knew was that I wanted to help them raise their vibrations and create a kinder and more loving sense of self.

Over the course of the year, The Ahimsa Project has run twice and is about to run into it’s third round. The group has grown from 5 women to 37 (and growing) and there is still time to sign up! This 6 week program includes yoga videos, meditation how-tos, self-care videos from self-love gurus and experts as well as more love and support than you could ever imagine.

That’s why when I came across Yogan Tees on Instagram and saw Dana’s “Ahimsa Warrior Shirt” I almost stopped dead in my tracks. It was exactly what we needed!! I emailed her immediately and decided to show them off for you on the blog as a gift. I’m purchasing a few of these from her and saving some as treats and goodies for later in the course…. however, the first 3 people to sign up TODAY will receive an Ahimsa Warrior tank top (in any color) in addition to your 6 week course!

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The most amazing part about Yogan Tees? She doesn’t just have Ahimsa tanks (which are amazing), she also has Inversion Junkie (love it!) and many other fun tanks and tees for you and your whole family. They are comfortable and look really great. She recommends buying a size up as they run a little bit small, so I bought myself a size bigger and it worked out perfectly well. I’m very happy with the fit and glad I heeded her advice.


Go get your own today over at Yogan Tees or sign up for The Ahimsa Project and receive a free tank today!

Sending you love & light!

This pose was lovingly sponsored by Yogan Tess.

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