Alicia: love, inspiration & light! 2012, isn’t it amazing?

People come into out lives for a variety of different reasons. Some enter our lives for the long-term, while others enter our lives for shorter periods of time – presumably to teach us a lesson, or give us a gift from the universe. It could be a simple sentence, a yoga pose, an assist, a smile or a life lesson. One of my new girlfriends, Alicia Matthewson, is here on this earth for so many divine reasons. One such reason, I believe, is to inspire others.
Last night, I went to her CD release party and met so many people from her world that collided with my own. Friends from my new church, yoga friends, musicians I had never met before, her family and loved ones. Each person had a gift to share and after acknowledging such, Alicia made us all promise to share our consciousness with the world. She made us promise to share our gifts with the world and help to create a bigger, better and more powerful world.
Journey to Hope is here to do just that – but so are many other loving and wonderful organizations. SQ Wellness is an organization that is near and dear to Alicia’s heart. Yoga Reaches Out is an organization that is close to Jill’s heart. Journey to Hope is my passion and organization that I wish to share with you all!
I believe that Alicia’s main purpose in life on this day is to share her inspiration, love and energy. I was so blessed to be a part of the evening, and couldn’t be more thrilled to share her page and song with you all today. Please listen, asAlicia sings from the heart!!
We are so blessed to have her join us on March 30th at our benefit class at The Heavenly Massage & Yoga Studio. 6pm. Please join us then to share in bringing health and wellness to the Cape Cod community, as well as to hear her sing and share in her joy, love, light and inspiration! I am blessed to call her my friend, and even more blessed to have her share in our mission, bringing yoga to those in need.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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