Apollo’s Birthday Letter 2015

Hi Everyone, Apollo here for my annual birthday letter!

Hopefully you guys haven’t forgotten about me. I’ve heard some rumors that I’m not on the blog as frequently as I used to be. Something about my baby brother giving momma writers block all year and then his arrival, which I cannot wait to tell you about (cue wagging tail). But I’m still here and just as happy as ever.

This year has been really fun and also really different. We started my birthday last year with my mom and dad abandoning me for 3 weeks in India (not a great start). Mommy cried while she was there on our birthday because she missed me so much, so my grandpa bought me a brand new bed and a big, huge bone. That made both of us feel so much better, and I got so many extra birthday kisses when they got home a few days after our birthday. The thing about us sharing is that it’s just so special to spend the day with mommy all cuddled up on the couch as we both get presents!

During the year some really strange things happened. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but I swear I could hear a heartbeat near my mom. It wasn’t hers and I couldn’t find another dog or human in the house, but I swear I heard it. I did lots of cuddling in the winter months because we got so much snow that I couldn’t go to daycare and mommy (and even daddy) couldn’t make it to their jobs.

On one of those winter days, mommy told me the truth: I was getting a little brother. I didn’t know what to expect and definitely didn’t want to be left out. I decided right then and there to become the best big brother in the whole world. I practiced my barking, making it extra loud when mommy and I were home alone. I didn’t need to practice when dad was home because he’s the man of the house, but when he’s not there to protect her I really need to be on top of my game. Then I spent extra time snuggling mom to let her know how much I loved her no matter what. I was such a good boy all summer long and I knew the baby was coming soon.

Apollo's birthday letter: a year of love, new baby and lots of tail wagging!

One day mommy started acting all weird and then dad came home from work early, which never happens. Then they packed the car and left me all alone. Grandma and grandpa rescued me from being in the dark and let me have a sleepover at their house. The next day they came home and they gave me a present: a new blankie!! I loved it so much and cuddled with it all night. It smelled kind of like mommy, but different. I couldn’t let go of my new blanket and just wanted to sleep in it all day long.

The very next day my papa came to pick me up from grandma and grandpa’s house and we went back home. I waited with him FOREVER….seriously guys it was like 2 of the longest hours of my life. FINALLY mommy came home with my baby brother. I have never been so excited to see her in my whole life. We hugged and cried a little bit before I met my brother. He smelled exactly like that blanket I loved so much and I forgot all about the blanket and just wanted to cuddle him. Zyan is so cute guys. I like to lick his face and feet. I snuggle next to him when he’s eating. And that barking sure came in handy cause I do it all the time to make sure he and mommy are aware of the lingering dangers in the hallway. That mailman may kill us someday and I need to let them know the moment he comes by, every day, at the exact same time. Super important stuff my friends.

In the last few months my world has changed a lot. I haven’t been to daycare as much, but I still visit my teachers Ms. Shannon & Ms. Brittany as often as I can. I get way more treats now-a-days and not as much alone time with mom. But I’m learning to be a big boy and share with Zyan. My new pack member is super cute and a nice baby. He doesn’t yell as much as my friends brothers. Some of the guys at daycare told me it was going to be awful, but it’s not. I really like him!

Apollo's birthday letter: a year of love, new baby and lots of tail wagging!

I can’t wait to see what this year brings. Any year that begins with mommy & I cuddled up together and brand new lucky duck treats is a win-win for me!

I hope this year brings you a new pack member, or a new bone. And lots of swimming, tail wagging, happiness and cuddles.

Apollo's birthday letter: a year of love, new baby and lots of tail wagging!

Love you lots.

Apollo Drake Ravikumar

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