Are you starving on the car ride to yoga?

Let me tell you from personal experience: do not eat sushi, taco dip or anything Indian before you practice yoga. It just doesn’t suit your belly well!
So… what should you eat before class?
I believe you should keep it simple. Nothing with too much heavy flavor that you will be tasting later in downward dog (especially if your power teacher loves core work) Here is a list of simple foods that I would eat an hour or so before class. If you’re pressed for time, and eating on the go, almonds are always a great choice. Just make sure to down them with water so you’re not dehydrated later!
Carrots, peppers & other light veggies
Small piece of dark chocolate
Toast with butter (or vegan butter)
Green smoothie
Eating some of these power foods will make you feel satisfied without feeling stuffed or full! It will make you feel your best, ready for action – and for downward dog.
To feel your best, you ideally want to eat an hour before class, and/or a half hour after class. Drink PLENTY of water throughout your yoga practice or any other workout – and remember to take breaks. One of the joys of yoga is that you become in tune with your body. In doing so, you can naturally take breaks and rest by listening to what you body needs.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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