Being an adult is boring… or is it?? :)

Sometimes being an “adult” is hard. You have to sit on the phone for long periods of time with people from boring business companies, invest HUGE amounts of money in buying a home, fix broken refrigerators, and pay bills (on time).
But for all this boring, it can also be amazing. We can drive to the beach, play with our animals (that we chose to bring into our world), eat our own delicious concoctions, choose to eat dessert for dinner and generally do whatever we please.

The joy for me is mixing both aspects of being an adult. I try often to be fun loving and carefree, even when the boring arrives. Like today: On hold with the IRS? Write a blog post and put the elevator music on speaker! 🙂

Life can be whatever we make it out to be. We can flip our perspective through listening to our favorite song, doing a handstand or driving to the beach and watching the waves ebb and flow. Just like ujjai breath, the sound of the ocean can help heal almost anything.

Breathe deeply and try to turn all of those boring moments into fun, carefree moments! As we age, we sometimes forget what it means to have fun. We need certain positive people in our lives to constantly remind us. It is why I am so blessed to work with and be friends with some of the most amazing and beautiful people. They are kind, funny, generous and very positive in most of their doings.

My mom sometimes forgets to have fun. She will have jaw pain, back pain and general stiffness and forget go to yoga. But the moment she gets on her mat, everything floats away. The pain, the stress, the boring. And in that moment she is free. When she remembers, she is the most beautiful, carefree and amazing woman I know. It’s why you need to keep your friends & family close. Keep that positive light in your life, even if it’s just a phone call (which mom and I do everyday!), or a brief visit. Rely on those people who love you and remind you to have fun!!!

Don’t allow yourself to get swallowed in the boring! Make a list of fun things you want to do and include them in your to-do lists. My to-do lists are all over the place. They usually look something like this:

*Write a blog post
*Go to the bank
*Mail a present
*BEACH with Apollo
*Yoga (2x this week)
*Write Molly an email
*Talk to Meg about the documentary
By mixing the fun in there with our regular responsibilities, our to-do lists are more likely to be accomplished and less likely to be boring. Add in some fun. Find a partner and go do something new or adventurous…. even as an adult. Grab your child, a good friend with similar interests or your loved one and get going!

This summer, I have decided to make an additional list (if you couldn’t tell, I LOVE lists). I have my goals that I keep track of all year, but this list is different. It’s a summer list of all the things I want to do! These are only 10 of my millions of ideas, but it’s a great way to get you started thinking about your own summer list.

1)    Pick Strawberries at the local farm & begin our farm share
2)    Go to the national seashore with Lauren
3)    Visit my family in Brewster while they are on vacation
4)    Paddleing and teaching stand up paddle
5)    Drive-in movie theater
6)    Bring Apollo to NH & see my family!!!
7)    Ride my new bike!!
8)    Run Color Me Rad 5K
9)    Go to a water park
10)  Drink margaritas on the beach
There is so much more, but if I try to accomplish a few per week, than I will accomplish them all by the end of summer. Being an adult can be boring… but only if we let it! Get out there and have some fun. Don’t spend your entire summer inside on the computer. Experience life: walk, run, bike, do yoga, go swimming… there is so much to do, and so little time… so get going!
Get out there – HAVE AN ADVENTURE – do yoga & make life sparkle,
P.s. I have been on hold with elevator music for 45 minutes… and wrote this post, played with the puppy and made lunch already 🙂 Remember to add fun into those boring moments, and it makes the time fly by. 

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