Sometimes the world spins so quickly around us. Clouds passing by and we are unaware that gravity holds us in place and the earth spins and spins. We often do not even have time to breathe in our busy lives, let alone see with eyes wide open.

I work a 40 hour work week at my day job and then come home to run around like a mad woman in charge of a non-profit, teaching yoga classes, writing, fixing websites, creating content, attending meetings, PRACTICING yoga, making dinner, carving out family time and so much more.

My life is a prime example of Pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses. Although it is unconsciously which defeats the purpose entirely.

I am constantly multi-tasking and in fact as I write this, I am outside enjoying the sun and playing fetch with Apollo. I need to pause in between writing to close my eyes and feel the slight breeze between my shoulder blades or inhale deeply to the first smells of summer. Yet I also need to keep my eyes open to write & play fetch all the while keeping my ears attuned for light traffic, bustling trees & their birds as well as the neighbors’ wind chimes.

Life is constantly moving around us and we are far too often too busy to see it.

This past week, strep throat hit me really hard. I went to bed on Wednesday after work and it took until yesterday morning to feel as though I could breathe or move without pain. I missed dinners & business meetings. I worked from home as best I was able, I rested and I waited.

Normally I am terrible at sitting still. I nap really well but to sit for four days and do nothing is typically torture. To make a point as to how sick I was, I never once used the words: “I’m bored” and I used Skype to attend my 500-hour teacher training virtually. Instead of rallying and going to Rhode Island for my training this weekend, I lay in bed with my iPhone at my fingertips, notebook in hand and body at rest. Getting gas for the lawn mower with hubby was a joy ride and left me wanting/needing a two-hour nap!

But now that I have emerged on the other side, I feel as though my eyes are open wider than they have been in quite some time. I feel blessed to have such amazing classmates who dealt with technology and brought me into our weekend.

I am especially blessed for my family: the extra cuddly Digger, Apollo who never left my side and Karthik who should win a metal for the best husband. He even made me a delicious dinner, got my medicine, put me to bed and cleaned around entire house (lawn included) while I was attending training/napping.

Today truly is blissful. I’m opening not only my eyes but also my heart. Every sensation feels anew and I can feel that tangible love & joy. I hold today to be my kind of perfect. I feel as though I am exactly where I need to be. I am the grown up I never knew I wanted to become and I am so utterly grateful.

How about you?? What are you grateful for?

Join in the bliss & leave a comment below with one word (or more) describing YOUR blissful/grateful life.

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

6 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Tamsen Horton

    I am so with you! Saturday morning found me throwing my back out. I’ve been practically motionless since them and have quickly realized how much I have to be grateful for — my family that has picked up all the slack for mom, my health — never knew how much I used my back until it was out of commission, and how loving, caring, and awesome my network of friends is.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Ouch! Your back is SUPER important but I’m so glad you have wonderful people to rely on while you were out. 🙂 It is such a blessing to be surrounded by wonderful people!!

  2. Christie Halmick

    Must be the same bug that had me down earlier last week. Things piled up while I was resting, but I was happy to be feeling good enough to wash clothes and dishes and fix supper! You sould like me: grateful to be up and about!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Christie, glad to hear you’re doing better 🙂 Sometimes we get knocked down so we can slow down. I know a lot of B schoolers, friends and loved ones who have this problem! Take care!

  3. Jen

    Love the practice of gratitude! Right now I’m grateful for the delicious dinner my love cooked, for the quiet house with the baby asleep, for receiving good news from clients who are reaching their goals, and for the trip we’re taking this week! 🙂 xx


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