The only thing constant is change

The only thing constant is change. Over the years I have had plenty of it; divorce, toxic relationships, co-dependency in friendships, intimate relationships + family, moving 8 times in 7 years, losing my brick and mortar business during a global pandemic as a solo parent and so much more. My life has been in constant motion.

BUT it has been incredible, and a few key things have stayed the same.

The love for my son is constant and will never change (no matter how many times he clogs the toilet). My love for the practice that has saved me over and over again will never diminish, though it may change in modalities over the years.

Alas, change is beautiful and necessary.

When I first left my ex-husband, I kept the family name. It felt important to me to keep it in order to have the same name as our child and because I had branded my entire decade long career under that name. Plus, I was terrified. In my mind, changing my name was the last thread connecting me to the life I had when I was married. When the day came, I was ready. I knew deep in my bones it was time to change my name. When I did so, I wasn’t sure if I would change my business or not, but I knew it felt right to transition as I felt healed and ready to shift into this new sense of self.

Fast forward to 2020, the worlds favorite year, and I found myself with a new opportunity. My stable brick and mortar business had closed and I was on the precipice of a new venture; creating online and in person yoga teacher trainings around the world. With this new venture, another change was in the air. Again, I knew I would feel the moment I needed to be pulled into creating and crafting this new website.

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and this butterfly is finally emerging from the cocoon I was inside of for much of last year. I am proud to introduce my new website and logo; alongside ALL my old blog posts (I promise they haven’t gone anywhere, they’re right here with us).

Thank you for reading, for coming to classes and for supporting me by spreading this website to all you can! I am overjoyed with hope for the future and wishing each of you the happiest new year.



2 thoughts on “The only thing constant is change

  1. Emily Cooper

    Jenny. I just discovered your blog and can’t imagine how difficult it is to be standing in your shoes right now. Looking in, it seems so unfair. Reading your words, you have a deep abiding wisdom and light. I also know, even when we tell ourselves these things, when we insist to ourselves there is a way forward (and there IS, of course, I believe), it doesn’t necessarily provide a balm. Good to know and to try to hold onto, but not a balm, necessarily. So from one bleeding heart to another, hang in there. Hug yourself. Cry oodles. Have some chocolate and ice cream or wine or whiskey. Then stand tall. Breathe the ocean air. Hold onto your Luna and Apollo and your boy. Thinking of you and wishing you all the flowers and joy and love and change and growth that a new season brings in. Praying that an honest, loyal person walks into your life to be your partner when you need them most. In the meantime, you’ve got you, and hopefully a great support system of friends and family. Sending love.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Emily! Oh this made my heart smile and I so truly appreciate the reminder of love and support. Sending oodles back your way.


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