Cape Cod: My Forever Home

When I graduated college, I moved back in with my parents. I moved into the home that had been “mine” for the past 20+ years. I had a beautiful backyard, a small kitchen, two small bathrooms and a beautiful, large bedroom. After a mini-flood, my brother and I traded rooms because I “wasn’t staying long.”

I ended up staying for three years.

I love my parents. I love my home. I love North Reading.

However, I did not make any roots. I made a small group of friends while I was teaching elementary school. I went to yoga, became a bit of a loner and my mom became my best friend. I went out with only friends from high school. I actively tried to not connect. I knew, somehow, that North Reading wasn’t destined to be my home.

Then my husband moved to Cape Cod. At the time, we were just dating.

I panicked. Cried. Talked about how I didn’t want to leave my mom, my “roots” and my home. Then one day I had to make a choice. Did I love my husband enough to move?

I did – I do! And I am so glad I decided to make the choice to stay in our relationship, no matter the cost.

Turns out, the “cost” was the best experience of my life. I now have the privilege of living on the most beautiful island in the world: Cape Cod. We finally put down more solid roots this past week, and have a home to call our own. We are not far from our apartment, but I already feel so connected to this beautiful and loving community, and this is proof that we will stay.

The moment I moved in to my husband’s apartment. The day we bought my Cape Cod bracelet. The day Digger moved in, or Apollo came home. The first potluck we were invited to surrounded by new friends. These all mark mini-moments of our lives on Cape. But today, the day we turned our very own front door key, is the day I became a Cape Coder.

I know somehow, that I will live here forever. My mom may even move here (one day!!) and our children will be born on this island. This is my home. I have made my roots. And I couldn’t be any happier!!!

Now, I am off to daydream about curtains, windows, stereos, outdoor seating, decorations, antique stores and so much more!!!

I should probably head to yoga for a check in with my emotional well being as well 🙂

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,



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