Checking in: Goals, Words & Core Desires

If you remember from this post, I wanted all of you to hold me accountable and I was wiling to hold you accountable as well. Connecting over and speaking through our lists of wants/needs/desires is bringing them one step closer to manifestation.

This year, my words are abundance, love & strength. 

I wanted abundance financially and have been on my way there, but am also learning that abundance comes in many forms. It comes in the hug of a dear friend, the winning of a raffle and the ability to say a simple YES when someone offers to do you a favor {and for you to also feel ZERO GUILT in this yes…}

Love is a strong and beautiful current in my life. It is always the undertow and how I choose to live my life. I live in the present: opening doors for strangers, giving my heart and hands to students, embracing friends during trying times, listening with open ears and a big open heart…. and writing LOVE LETTERS. This was one of my goals this year and not only have I been sneaking love letters to hubby all around the house, I have also been sending random mail to my near ones and dear ones. YOU are also near and dear, so if you’d like a letter just let me know in the comments by leaving your email address. I would be happy to send you some love.

Strength was a word I wanted for a number of reasons. I wanted internal strength as much as external. I’ve been craving a handstand for over a year now and am VERY close to being able to do one on the beach this summer… but I was also craving the idea of strength within myself. Strength to hold my love ones high when they needed me, but also strength in knowing when to say no and when to create a thin wall if I need a little alone time. It’s been an eye-opening lesson and I’m so glad I’m holding onto this word for 2014.

Without further ado, here is my list of goals and where I am today:

My year’s words are: ABUNDANCE, STRENGTH & LOVE!

My year’s goals are as follows:

1. Finish my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training

2. Complete my Reiki Certification 1.12.14 COMPLETE! ….. 6.22.14 Reiki 2 COMPLETE!

photo 4-1

3. Complete my Thai Massage Certification


5. Host a (few) successful yoga retreat(s) 

6. Write for Huffington Post and/or Daily Love — Article yesterday in Boho Daily

7. Embrace my style

8. 15 Mani/Pedis — IIII

9. Monthly Massages — One in February and one in April so far… need to do better!

10. Scuba Dive!! 3.5 – 3.10.14 — we did 7 dives in 2 days in the Florida Keys and I saw my spirit animal… another octopus… I LOVE THEM SO DEARLY!!

photo 3-1

11. Host a Diwali Party

12. Take a trip with friends

13. Create a new tradition

14. More time in Wolfeboro!!! — We open the condo July 1st!! Can’t wait.

15. Ambassador for a yoga product — working on this now

16. Begin writing my book

17. Go to a place I have never beenPittsfield, VT ~ {more to come I’m sure!!}

18. DJ more often!

19. Read more for FUN!! (Non-yoga/business books ~ even though those are fun, try new books) — 100 Foot Journey, Pencils of Promise, The Good Luck of Right Now, The Fault in our Stars, Miracles Now — THANK YOU WOBURN LIBRARY —

20. Find the perfect home Moved into our #ravikumarden on June 1st!!

21. Meditate daily

22. Try something on Pinterest monthly

23. Eat more fish & veggies

24. More green smoothies & tea! — Need to work on tea, not doing well here.

25. Scrapbook our wedding album (and the 2 years since our wedding)

26. Use my DSLR Camera More — Using it more, but could still improve here..

photo 2-1

27. Buy a Kitchen Aid Mixer for my mom

28. Try new forms of exercise — walking more (not a new form, but adding it in…)

29. Write more love letters (handwritten notes sent to friends & family)a constant and true practice I have been implementing the past 6 months

30. Speak at an event!

31. Take a sushi making class

32. Go horseback riding 6.12.14 — Stowe Mountain Retreat for Yoga Reaches Out

yoga, horses, yoga on horses, vermont, vt
Yoga on horses

I would LOVE to see your goals. How are you doing mid-year?!? I showed you mine…. now it’s time for you to show me yours {or leave your address in the comments for a love letter}.

P.s…. I’ve completed 7 of the 32 and am on my way with 7 additional…. how do YOU think I’m doing?!

Get out there, do yoga & make life SPARKLE!!!

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