Connection: what degree are you to me?

It is truly amazing how connected we are in this life. Recently, I read a networking article that claimed we are no more than six degrees of separation from everyone on this planet. The person who is your friend is a first degree. A friend of theirs (whom you know, but not well) is a second degree. A third degree would be that person’s sister and so on. It makes sense that we are all connected in this way, and gives a lot of insight into the networking connections you can make by just stepping outside your door in the morning and saying hello to the stranger on the sidewalk, or at the bank!
Not only are we connected through friends, family & networking, but I also believe we are all connected on a higher level as well. I often find that my co-workers/friends and I will teach the same or a similar kind of yoga classes in the same week. Often times, without even having been in one another’s class, a friend will say an exact sentence I used from a class I taught three days prior, or use a similar yoga asana sequence. It is odd to be in class and watch a sequence you taught, being taught by someone who hadn’t attended any of your classes that week, but it happens – often!
It’s similar to the concept of women getting their periods aligned when they live in the same house for an extended period of time. After a while, the women seem to sync their cycles, completely naturally – the universe wants us to all be connected.
It’s why you hear from an old friend a few days after you were thinking about them, or are not shocked when you hear news that a distant relative passed away. We are somehow cosmically connected on a much higher level.
In church this week, we were asked to hold hands during the benediction. As this is a new church for me, I did as I was asked (with a little voice questioning all the while) – and was amazed at the connection and the spirit. There was suddenly a room full of love and light. Each of us as one, and yet all of us connected and intertwined.
Although yoga is not a spiritual practice (in terms of “religion”), it does ignite a connection with the divine, whatever that definition is for you. Spirit, in many ancient languages, also translates to the word breath. The spirit, God, universe, or a connection is a part of who we are, whether it is your breath work in yoga or attending church on the weekends.
It is my hope that you find a connection today, wherever you need it: a smile from a stranger, the laugh of a child, the wind in your hair as you walk the beach. If we look hard enough, we will find it – as it is always there waiting for us.
Our world works in mysterious ways: lessons, lows, laughs, and love. Isvara Prandihana is a belief that God (or the universe) will provide to us what we NEED in each moment (not necessarily what we want). It is the belief that things will work out the way they should. I hope that each of you is able to trust in the universe, as our world changes from day to day – and that you believe in the power of Isvara Pradihana to guide you through each moment.
Trust in the universe. Look for clues as to where you believe you should go – and then grab the reins. We are almost always given what we need, but in order to be successful, we need to take control of our own destiny and take charge of the opportunities and lessons presented to us.
As we are all connected, through “degrees,” friends, family, spirit and breath – we can all strive to create a better world together. One step, one moment, one day at a time: we can make a difference.
Go out there today and look for a connection!
Do yoga, have an adventure & make life sparkle!!

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