Cranberry Lime Smoothie


I LOVE green smoothies! In fact, I have one almost every single day. Its amazing to me that I’ve only really written  about the benefits to you but haven’t shared a lot of recipes on the blog. This changes today because I’m going to share a smoothie I created yesterday before teaching a yoga class! It was delicious and full of ingredients I wasn’t entirely sure would meld together.

As hubby and I are spending an increasing amount of time at home with our families, I’ve been using old blenders and whatever fruits and veggies folks seem to have on hand. It’s been interesting to say the least, and there have been a few really gross concoctions…but I found something delicious yesterday and just had to share!

We were running low on berries and ingredients when my mother in law mentioned she has limes. I’m a huge fan of margaritas but for some reason I was hesitant to add them to my smoothie (this is coming  from the girl who’s favorite smoothies involve cayenne pepper and jalapenos). There was something about a lime that didn’t scream smoothie but I decided to scour the internet to find some recipes. I realized pretty quickly that lime is a favotite ingredient among many and made the leap! The result was a delicious and refreshing smoothie!!

Green smoothie, cranberry lime avocado

Cranberry Lime Smoothie

2 limes

4 pitted dates

1/2 cup cranberries


1/2 avocado

1/2 cup spinach

(Make sure your dates are pitted before throwing them into the blender!)

Cut your limes in half and squeeze the juice of both limes into the blender. Then add your water. I typically eyeball my water without measurements. Afterwards add in your spinach and dates and cranberries. Add the avocado on top lastly and blend together until smooth!

I hope you enjoy your refreshing cran-lime smoothie!!

Sending you warm & delicious thoughts!

Get out there–do yoga and make life sparkle!



6 thoughts on “Cranberry Lime Smoothie

  1. Jennifer @ Sterling Sweets

    I have a bag of cranberries in my refrigerator that I’ve been trying to find something to do with. This would be perfect! And…I have forgotten to pit my dates many times before throwing them in the blender, so thanks for the reminder!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Haha Jennifer! It’s such a silly thing, but it tastes awful when you know what you’ve done. 🙂 Enjoy your smoothie — I hope it’s grand!


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