Crystal Healer + Reiki Course

20 Hour Crystal Healer +

Reiki 1 Course

Become a certified crystal healer AND learn the ancient art of reiki with Jenny Lane Yoga. We will explore how to use crystals to enhance or be the main focus of any healing treatment given to a client. You’ll learn all about chakra healing, protection mantras, energy grids as well as having an introduction to reiki 1. Reiki level 1 will certify you to work with your own energy and those of the ones you love.

Certified Crystal Healer

What does that even mean?

Excellent question! You will be officially certified with YACEP through Yoga Alliance with an additional 15 CEUs. Becoming a crystal healer is a way for you to deepen your knowledge with the vibrational, medicinal healing these little (or large) stones provide.

Crystal healing can be done alone or it can be added to treatments you already give (massage therapy, reiki, polarity healing, life coaching etc), or you may use this as a treatment alone.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing technique in which practitioners can help your body heal itself through touch. “Rei” translates to “universe” or “life force,” and “ki” translates to the physical energy of the body (also known as qi); put together, Reiki translates to “universal life force energy.” The job of a Reiki practitioner is to help your body work its own healing magic

Learning this modality in level one, you will be able to give yourself, your family & loved one this healing energy. It is an incredible addition to crystal healing.

What do I need?

Required Book: Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith

Recommended Books: Vibrational Medicine, The Crystal Healer, The Book of Stones

Crystals: rose quartz, amethyst, grounding crystal of choice, clear quartz

Pendulum *recommended, not required*

Reiki One Manual (to be sent to your email)

What’s in the curriculum?

Over the course of our time together, we will learn about crystals and metaphysical energy. The additional time in the course is done on your own time as practicum hours. You choose to take this course during the day OR evening (not both).

September 1st, 2nd, 8th + 9th + – 7:45pm – 10:15pm

September 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 10:30am – 1pm

During these live sessions you will learn the ins and outs of becoming a crystal healer and an in depth introduction + attunement to reiki. Each session is live and recorded. You need to attend the attunement LIVE or schedule a time to do so if you are absent (a make up hours cost will incur). We will review EVERYTHING you need to know.

After the course ends, you will need to complete three healing sessions in order to graduate. These sessions need to be done for free (gifted healings) as part of your practicum hours. You will turn in three evaluations from your clients as well as a final exam!

What’s is the cost?

This course is $444! Which is a steal in many ways.

This diverse, profound course is the first of its kind! Typically reiki level one (alone) costs $200+ while crystal healer courses around the world range from $400 – $1500. As it’s the first of its kind and my first time running it, I am offering this at a lower price point!

Last thing…what if I’m already reiki level one?

If you’re already a reiki level one (or higher) practitioner, I would still encourage you to join us if you’re interested. The introduction to reiki would be a beautiful refresher!