December Ambassador: Carole Pelissey

Oh how I love Carole! She has been an OMazing soul warrior since the moment I opened my front doors. One of the students who has been with me since the beginning. Her heart is HUGE and as a teacher, furry baby mama and wonderful yogi you can see it shine through in each moment. She came to me as a runner with injuries and has used yoga to soften her physical practice. Although yoga has helped her relax her shoulders and allow deeper breaths, she is still a rockstar as you’ll see in her photos below.

I was honored to have her be a yoga ambassador back in December and have been so blessed to have her as one of my students. Let’s dig deeper and meet her now!!

December Ambassador

1. Tell me a little about your rescue.
Java my 70+ lb greyhound pitbull mix he’s a love bug and a pain in the butt but down deep I love the furry beast, enough said.
2. I know you have a long commute and a stressful teaching position. How has yoga helped you off the mat and in the real world?
As an Educational Psychologist in a school system I have some stress you could say; I can be the first person to explain and tell parents that their child has a disability, never easy. Yoga has helped me in all areas of my life. When I cycle a distance I use my breathing to send oxygen and energy to my legs same for spin class but I also channel all the instructors at the studio (I’ve told you about that in my head I imagine you all have a yoga super power and each of you powers me through in your own way :)). I also do cats and cows on my bike to stretch out my spin modified of course! Before some meetings at work I take a minute and just collect myself through breathing and thinking about being grounded and balanced. I do the same in the car especially for the ride home. Yoga has also helped with my mindfulness work and helping me to  meditate it’s all connected. Those are my metaphysical responses and benefits. As a physical practice I am AMAZED at how good my body feels doing yoga. In weight training my body can become very stiff and tight yet yoga has opened my shoulders, arms etc., my back, neck, hips, etc can get stiff from computer work and driving yet in practicing yoga my muscles, joints all feel great.  I can bend stretch and reach for the stars (that’s an old 60s kids song) !
3. As a former runner, how has yoga helped you expand?
It’s a different journey, but as you always say “I’m right where I’m suppose to be.”
4. What’s your favorite part of yoga?
Learning something new and knowing I should be able to practice yoga forever. 🙂 Knowing that I fell into a fantastic situation at your studio, I trust every instructor to teach me and I learn something every single class, it’s so awesome. Also, there are no mirrors in the studio and I can now close my eyes while practicing almost throughout class. It makes the practice feel so calming.
5. Why did you join Barefoot?
I was injured and needed to make some changes. I moved here from the city and also needed to find positive things to do for my busy mind and body. I don’t always sit still well!
6. If you could tell your pre-yoga self anything, what would it be?
Breathe, listen and say thank you.
7. Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
Almost every Friday after work I get to play (babysit) with a two year old little girl that loves to move and she already knows yoga, how great is that?!


Thank you so much for joining us in December as our beloved yoga ambassador. You rocked every second of it and I couldn’t be more appreciative of you!! Thank you so much for believing in me since day one. Love, sweet love.
Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!

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