Delicious AND Nutritious?

My mom and I have been on the hunt for a delicious and healthy snack for (essentially) our entire lives. She works long hours at her job and frequently works through lunch. As she travels from place to place throughout the week, she often does not have a fridge or someplace to store her afternoon meal, let alone her snacks.

In the past year I have decided that I’m banning diets from my life. As a lifetime Weight Watchers member, I was making unhealthy and lowfat decisions. I was skinny, but not full of nutrients. It was around the time I quit Weight Watchers (and every other crazy diet I have ever tried) that I wanted to also quit all things I associated with dieting: PRETZELS being top on the list.

With my dieting background and my moms desire for new snacks I came across Pretzel Crisps! I met up with a wonderful woman named Gigi this past month and she mentioned she could send me some of these delicious snack to try and boy was I surprised when I came home to a moving size box FULL of Pretzel Crisps. I have a fun reusable bag, a new coozie and TONS of delicious snacks to try.

Mom and I dug right in — I was trying all the outrageous flavors like Jalapeno Jack and Chipotle Cheddar (delicious)! I’m a HUGE fan of flavor and it helped me change my mind on the whole pretzel aversion I had previously had. I tried them both alone and with hummus (one of my favorite snacks). My mom is a little lighter in terms of her palate and LOVED the new Sesame flavor as well as the original.

Delicious Pretzel Crisps

When I went on their website, I realized they even have recipes!! I am dying to try their Caramel Pretzel Crunch Brownies. They look so delicious.

Want to know my favorite part about Pretzel Crisps? They are one of the sponsors on my upcoming Urban Retreat to NYC!!! We are going to have a delicious AND nutritious goodie bag for you when you arrive in the city and Pretzel Crisps will be among your delicious treats.

Be sure to check them out online, before you sign up for the retreat.

**And if you haven’t signed up for the retreat yet, we now have a COMMUTER rate if you’re a NYC local and really want to join in the fun!! Sign up HERE**

Sending you love, and DELICIOUS light!

This is a sponsored post by Pretzel Crisps.

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