Did YOU hear?

This week has been a whirlwind of emotion!

In case you missed it: I’m opening a yoga studio! A brand new, brick and mortar yoga studio in Middleton, MA. I’m so excited to not only bring yoga back to this community, but to be able to teach every single day. I’m excited to spread my love in person (and promise to continue spreading it online). I am GUSHING with love.

I made this huge life announcement on Friday morning via email if you missed it, AND on Facebook. Are we friends there? Have you signed up for my newsletter (on the right hand side?) — you should! I make all kinds of fun announcements there and my soul warrior newsletter people get first hand deals — plus if you sign up you get a FREE meditation.

With the announcement, came all kinds of love, support and virtual hugs. I want to publicly thank not only my close friends and family but also those who have already donated and more specifically Jackie and John for your wonderful advice. I can feel the virtual love and hugs flying through the air and just know that this studio will be brilliantly successful due to all this love! THANK YOU!

Here’s what some of my AMAZING friends have already said:

“CONGRATULATIONS Jenny Ravikumar for opening her very first own studio! It is so incredible to me to see her following her heart, lets help her make her dream come alive. For more info and to donate please visit her indiegogo campaign. I know first hand how much Jenny gives, lives, walks, eats, sleeps, breathes her love of teaching yoga…lets help her share that gift!” —  Rhia Cataldo

“I’m SO EXCITED that my friend Jenny Ravikumar is opening her own yoga studio! Please help her dream come true with a contribution. Your donations help the studio come to life, helps a charitable foundation for children and you get cool yoga gifts too! Please donate + spread the word!” — Flor De Oro Tejada 

Their love and kindness is so touching and I am ever grateful for everyone’s overwhelming love, “likes” and spreading of the yoga word! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

If YOU are interested in learning about the campaign, there are some truly amazing PERKS you can choose from! You can pre-purchase your yoga class cards if you live in Massachusetts or you can have some amazing online yoga packages sent your way! All of these donations will be used as start-up funds for the new studio AND 15% will be donated to Yoga Reaches Out!

Come join in the fun and help me open by March 17th by clicking HERE!!!

Don’t have time to donate but want to know all the happenings? Watch my video below to learn how you can still be in on the fun by helping me name the studio, choose a logo in the next few days AND spread the word!!

Sending you love AND light…. and LOTS of glittery goodness!!

P.s. You are officially invited to the grand opening on March 22nd!!! Keep your eyes peeled on the site and on my Facebook page to join in the fun.

6 thoughts on “Did YOU hear?

  1. Rebecca

    Yay! I’m so excited Jenny, new business, adventures and ideas create so much fun. This is truly the adventure of living. I wonder what will happen next? there are infinite possibilities 😉


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