Crystals, Oils & E-Books Oh My!

I frequently find myself saying “my job is weird.” Because it is. I am a crystal healer, yoga teacher, reiki master, oil lover, business owner of multiple businesses and much more. Often times, I hear people complain and talk about their dislike for their job, while I sit quietly in the corner thinking of how happy I am to have the autonomy I do and the joy I have in my heart from day to day within the realm of the career I love so deeply.

Still, my job is a bit strange.

Describing what I do to people who want deeper insight into my career can be tricky. I tend to receive similar questions every day: “How do crystals work? What is reiki? Can an essential oil really help calm me down? Is yoga good for my lower back pain? I want to get into crystals, but don’t know where to start, can you help?”

In an attempt to answer questions, I have been writing on my blog for years. Giving insight, answering questions I’ve heard in the community and giving whatever advice I could. I love writing and explaining my job and its day to day operations.

This year in particular, I kept hearing the same two questions over and over:


What crystals do I start with?

How do I learn more about essential oils?


After years of research, working in the industry and learning on myself and my clients, I decided it was time to release my knowledge into the world. I have created two ebooks (with more to come soon my friends, promise).

My ebooks are chock full of the top questions I receive DAILY as a crystal healer, reiki master & oil lover.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to release them and this knowledge into the world!

Each book is $5 a piece and can be purchased and downloaded in my shop here.

Vibrational medicine is one of my favorite topics and I am ecstatic to have these books online for you to purchase! Let’s go forth and high vibe this world together.

Love, light & joy,
Namaste xx

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