Educators ARE Students

Any educator will tell you that the best teacher is also a student. We learn from our students everyday just as a parent learns from their child.
On Monday I learned I could do a handstand. I’ve been doing forearm stands for quite a while now and desperately wanted to conquer the challenge of the elusive handstand! At my class on Monday night, my teacher showed up to take class. It is extremely difficult to be a student, especially if you own the studio, but Maureendid a great job – until inversions. I had everyone at the wall, flipping their physical and mental perspectives and having a blast, when Maureen did a handstand.
My green eyes came out immediately and I said something I tell all my students to never do: “Woah! I’m jealous, I wish I could do a handstand!” (More proof that I am as much a student as a teacher). Maureen interrupted class and told me I could. She then challenged me in front of all my students and told me to do a handstand: right then and there. 
Not one to back away from fear, I walked {on my hands} right into this new, exciting and challenging pose. I did a handstand in front of my class and conquered my own unique challenge.
It was a wonderful lesson for all of us! For myself, I learned a new trick & I re-learned to control my jealousy and ego. For my students, they saw their teacher experience and conquer fear in her own class.
As we giggled our way back into balasana, I helped them channel their positive energy through the rest of their practice, and hopefully their evening. I used a few of my top 10 least favorite words during class, but I used them in a positive way. Fear is okay, it’s healthy, if we use it correctly. Try can manifest into an accomplishment and can’t will become already did! As long as we use these words the right way, we do not need to cut them from our lives, but rather, they will fade on their own.
Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!!

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