Endings and Beginnings: The Constant Vinyasa Wave

This past weekend I heard the words “an end is a new beginning” a number of times. I heard it during the sermon in church, at a crystal bowl healing and from a friend. It made me begin to think of the many times where my ends created new beginnings and filled my heart with immense joy.

The saying is a bit overdone and a well-known expression, but it’s one we don’t often dig too deeply into. A college graduation is a culmination of all the hard work you’ve put in the last four years of your life, but it’s also the beginning of your next chapter. The following day you are a college graduate and available to go out and create the life of your dreams. The last day of yoga teacher training is the very first day you are a yoga teacher; the moment your child is born is the last moments of you as a couple and the very first breath of you as a family. Each ending has a beginning.

Our entire lives is a vinyasa. The definition of vinyasa is: “to place in a special way.” It is a Sanskirt word often used for the definition of a type of yoga class, but a vinyasa has many meanings: physical flow, connection of breath to movement but also a wave.

This past year I can find countless vinyasa waves, full of ups and downs, moving parts and connections. I’ve moved, opened, discovered and grown. I became a full on modern hippie, opened my own yoga studio and created this amazing life. As I opened the email of my dreams this morning, with a letter that opened my biggest door yet, I started to cry. Not because of fear or even due to the immense joy pouring into my heart but rather I started to cry because of all the work I have done. The culmination of my blood, sweat and tears in the last few years has created an open doorway I never knew was actually a possibility.

In that moment I realized I had found a beginning and yet another end. The end to my struggle and the beginning of my actualized dreams.

Create a life that makes you want to JUMP out of bed in the morning

Living our lives in vinyasa flow takes work. There are moments when we believe everything around us is going to wither and die, moments when our dreams seem nearly impossible and our lives on the cusp of nothingness. But I promise that if you hold on for just one more moment to that dream you will arrive. Often times the moment right after we want to give up is the moment everything comes crashing together in your new beginning. The moment you decide to give up on boys is often the moment you meet “the one”, the moment you don’t think you’ll ever get your big promotion or open your own business is just seconds or days away from the biggest opportunity you have ever gotten yet.

Stay in the flow, keep going and be open to any and all possibilities. This wave is in constant motion and you’re on the way to finding the biggest breakthrough yet. Hang in there yogis and let love flow.

Sending you love & LOTS of light yogis.

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