Espresso vs. Green Smoothies

For the past few years, I have been exploring the art of the green smoothie. I would create something in my (OM-AZMING!!!) Vitamix and drink it in the morning. Often times I was thrilled with my creation and felt full, satisfied and overly enthusiastic about life. I loved waking up to the morning and being greeted by cayenne pepper, lemon, fruits and all kinds of vegetables being blended together to create a healthy and nutritious breakfast. I was full of HEALTH!

And then, I would get lazy. I would get into a routine that was more fast paced and crave a pumpkin spiced latte or a cappuccino. I would take the exit to Starbucks even if I had my green smoothie in hand. Mostly out of habit, but occasionally out of pure need.

The next stop? Guilt.

Why did I need the espresso? Why couldn’t I just be satisfied with my green smoothie?

Here’s what I’ve figured out in the past few months. My life has gotten significantly busier and there are days when I truly do NEED the coffee. I wake up and know the day ahead of me will be quite long so I consciously decide on a cup o’ jo! But there are other days when my set up will be just as long and I know I can run on a smoothie. It’s okay either way, as long as neither of them becomes a habit. It’s okay as long as I’m listening to myself and truly deciding when I wake up which direction I would like to go in for the day.

Some days you wake up and it’s meditation and green smoothies, while others it’s espresso and handstands. Learn to honor both. Learn to listen to yourself, your body and your needs to decide which kind of day it is and then dive into THAT day.


Today is definitely a handstands and espresso kind of day for me. I have a few more articles due, another newsletter to write, a few classes to plan and an evening off this week to meet my family for a birthday cooking class to celebrate my Aunt! I need to work my behind off today in order to truly enjoy my afternoon off with my family and I am fully owning the need and want for a coffee.

Know this: every day is different. Each day we arrive with a new body, new breath and new thoughts. Listen to your soul and hear what it’s saying to you in this moment. And then go and do that. Don’t skip the donut because you’re a “yogi” — eat ¬†or drink whatever you would like, as long as you’re listening. Moderation is key. Breathing between sips and bites is key. Listening to your soul telling you ice cream after a long day on the boat is KEY. Listening to your body as it beg for vegetables instead of a hearty meat dinner is KEY.


YOU get to decide where you want today to take you. Listen in, because the answer is already there waiting to be heard.

Have a wonderful day, not matter which direction you choose yogis!!

Lots of love!

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