Free Love: Birthday Wishes & Thanks

WOW! What an amazing week I had. First, I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the overflowing and outpouring of love on my birthday Friday. What a gift it was to be surrounded by family & friends while also having my Facebook go off every few minutes with a little extra love. I couldn’t be any more grateful!

This week was full of love and self-care. I got my hair done by my favorite man (who I’ve been seeing for 6 years and ALWAYS does a fabulous job), had my first Ayurvedic appointment (more on that next week), had a few yoga classes, dinners with friends, and lots of birthday love throughout the week. I am glowing with gratitude.

This weeks pay it forward was interesting: I was paid forward to (what a switch)! Someone bought me a hot chocolate while I was in Rhode Island waiting in line. I felt a bit weird and as though I should immediately pay it forward to them. I then took a mental step back and realized it was a little thing the universe was doing to say thank you and “I’ve got your back.”

This week I paid it forward by:

* Paying a meter in Cambridge

* Sending way overdue birthday letters and wedding letters

* Sending wedding gifts

* Visiting my grandma after mini surgery

* Adventuring in Cape Cod with Heather last weekend…. we sent love, played on the beach, ate delicious food and talked to people at the beach. (General love spreading day).

* Promoted a friends work & her Facebook page

* Reminded people of their greatness

The Little Things: 

Playing Playstation 4 with my honey and finally getting my own username (Unicorn_dustlove), staying up until midnight on my birthday, sharing my birthday with my puppy, my new ipad mini, my octopus wine glasses and pretty new bracelet, new clothes & boots, camera bags & pretty mason jars, lunch with my parents and dinner with our families, Ayurvedic appointment and all the valuable information & changes, feeling GOOD in my body, more yoga, the wedding yesterday, spending time with friends, coming back to the city I love and beginning to THRIVE, people who say I’m “glowing” now that I’m creating my own business, puppy play dates, spending time with my family (always), snuggling, looking for new places to live, organization, kitty snuggles, Apollo’s birthday presents & so much more!

I LOVE creating gratitude lists and paying it forward, it’s something I do with love each week and it makes me feel grateful and fulfilled. In church this morning, the sermon was about gratefulness (with Thanksgiving around the corner) and my minister mentioned that instead of counting our blessings, we should make our blessings count. He mentioned that we should take our everyday blessings (material blessings included) and use them for good. Even something as simple as receiving an ipad mini for my birthday….I could use it to scour the internet for charity purposes, or playing a game with my cousins on Thanksgiving as a family activity. We need to not only be grateful for the blessings we have, but also take moments to truly make them and our lives count. I strive to do this daily and was appreciative by the refreshing reminder.

I hope you are paying it forward and counting your blessings!!
Sending you love, light & happiness!


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