Free Love Friday!!!

Happy Friday Afternoon!

This week (and the past few weeks) have been full of: packing, moving boxes, looking for a new home, lots of love, family & fun. It was also infused with an amazing amount of giving!

My husband & I were talking yesterday about how much we love to GIVE. It’s in both of our DNA and we are always trying to help others, no matter the cost or the difficulty. For some reason, it’s intuitive to us both to help as many people as we can on this earth. (Yay for marrying someone awesome!)

As we were having this conversation, the woman at Starbucks said: “Does anyone want a free coffee?” We looked around us and she asked again. As she had accidentally messed up an order for the person in front of us, she was giving away the incorrect coffee for free. Finally my husband looked at me and said “Do you think someone outside wants one?”


photo 5

We took the coffee and went on an adventure. We didn’t have to venture far as we found a construction worker outside waiting for another truck to arrive. We handed him a nice HOT cup of gingerbread coffee and went on our way.

It was so refreshing to say Merry Christmas and make someone else smile! Sometimes the holiday season can revolve so much around money and gift buying that we forget why there is so much hustle and bustle in the first place. My grandfather (Baba) was essentially Mr. Claus himself. He was always jolly and Christmas was his favorite time of year. Each present was carefully picked, each story full of laughter and all the food made with everlasting love. Baba gave that gift to each of us: LOVE. He taught us that the people we keep closest to us {in our case, our family} were the most important people in the world and that we needed to be treated with respect, LOVE & lots of joy and laughter!

He helped others all year round, but this time of year was even more special in his book. I love that not only can I carry on this tradition with my immediate family, but by marrying my amazing husband we can promise to always uphold the tradition of giving. We are quite a picky bunch and he made the cut into this family full of love {how blessed am I?} ….but you want to know the coolest part?! It’s the same with HIS family…. lots of love, lots of giving and always joy, laughter & hugs!!!!

This weekend I am encouraging you to help as many others as you can. Subtly or with a BIG huge bang!! Need some examples?? Don’t worry–I did plenty this week and have TONS of suggestions:

1. Pay someone’s meter!

photo 1

2. Let someone cut you in line. They are tapping their toes, and if you have nowhere to go next why not let them go first?

photo 3

3. Make someone you love dinner. And then do the dishes.

photo 2
Homemade Wonton Soup! 


4. Put on a happy face and let the other person take that parking spot, or cut in front of you. Be present while you’re driving and be KIND! 🙂 It makes everyone’s season a little bit better!!

photo 4

I hope you are having an amazing Free Love Friday and an even better holiday weekend ahead.

Sending you all love, light & gratitude!

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