Free Love Friday: A Chat with God

I talk to God — a lot!

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned that when we awake in the middle of the night (2:00-4:00am), it’s because the angels are thinking of us. I loved hearing this and for some reason, the past few nights I have been waking up around 3:00am! I keep thinking of my Baba who’s 91st birthday would have been tomorrow, and all the angels I have keeping me safe and it is such a comfort. {FAR better than being unable to sleep!}

Last night, I awoke again and decided to write. I prayed and chatted with God, allowing myself to not only release a few midnight fears, but also asking for something REALLY important to manifest this year. {A secret!} I was not only asking for a miracle and a little love, but I was of course thanking the universe for all of the abundance I have in my life already.

This past week, when I was thinking of all my Paying it Forward deeds I was reminded that we help those who come into our path and have NO idea how our actions will affect them in the future.

Did I just help someone find a miracle?
Was my tiny effort enough to keep them going for the day?
Were they in a terrible mood and I helped lift them?
Were they confused by my kindness and trying to shrug it off all day?

We never know what happens after our small actions, but I like to imagine that I am in some way helping them and helping the universe to push along whatever plan they have for that person. If we pay it forward with a positive intention, it will likely be a positive addition to their life!


This past week, I had a few really fun opportunities to help people out! While I was in Rhode Island grabbing a coffee, I gave someone my meter parking ticket and told them to put it on their car to add a little extra time to their stay! I was also almost attacked by a bird because I stepped in front of it in order to help a woman cross the street.

My favorite paying it forward moment was very small and cute. I made a man in his walker smile and laugh out loud while walking in the city. I was taking photos for Instagram and the blog at a beautiful boutique in Beacon Hill when he saw me (it was the second time that morning we had passed one another, he was out practicing walking with his new walker & his wife). He told me I needed a subject in the background. He stopped and decided he wanted to pose with the “LOVE” pillow. We made one another laugh and his wife looked at me with a very big heart and a “thank you for making us laugh this morning!” It was the best kind of addition you can have to your morning.

pay it forward, love, laugh


Throughout the week I also had tiny opportunities: I picked up dropped papers on the street, created an amazing donation pile after moving (to be donated next week), complimented many strangers, gave my Stop & Shop coupons to the person in line behind me, helped out a friend in need while she was on vacation and sent my newly discovered “Reiki Balls” to a bunch of my students {way more on that later!}.

The Little Things

Little things that made me smile this week: brunch with bloggers//new friends//old friends//wonderful old stories shared over whiskey and wine//scuba diving//new books//Paulo Coehlo’s The Valkyries//angels waking me up in the night//my new Reiki 1 certification//a few extra hours off with hubby//snuggling//heart wrenching & wonderful movies//inspirational music//old playlists reminding me of beautiful friendships//beautiful friends and voicemails from afar//interviewing business coaches//secret opportunities//hridaya//unexpected scrabble games//word play//teaching yoga and feeling the love BURST through the walls//my super organizational skills that helped ease a friends pain while away on vacation//potentially finding Apollo’s new daycare//my BABY BROTHER’S 21st birthday this weekend (WHAT?)//laughing in the dressing room with my mom and really feeling the self-love//new programs//my upcoming NYC retreat//love

Sending you all so much love & light this Friday evening!
Get out there — do yoga & make life SPARKLE!!!

P.s. I would love to know how YOU are paying it forward or what you’re grateful for. Leave a comment below to let me know! <3

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