Free Love Friday: Boston Bloggers!

This week is full of gratitude, appreciation and the reminder that slowing down is sometimes NOT a bad thing. I have a tendency to want to be overly prepared, to push myself so hard that I cannot see straight and to always want things yesterday. The end of last week was very frustrating as my life is still currently in transition. I was full of gratitude and more love than I could ever describe when my mother in law simply mentioned I could put my Christmas Tree in her home. I was full of sweet love when I realized my very best friends and I could begin going on dates again and roaming the city. I almost cried yesterday morning when my grandma asked me to come to the church fair to drop off a box that was too heavy for her to lift. And yet… I was angry and frustrated and thinking that life was in some ways unfair. {Silly me, those are called obstacles and Ganesha among others reminds us that those are there for a reason}. I was ho-hum in my attitude right after Thanksgiving when I realized things wouldn’t go my way as quickly as I would have liked.

In my perfect world: I would be solidly planted into a beautiful new home, yoga teaching gigs would magically appear and I would be able to write for the rest of my life without a care in the world. And while this is a definite reality and I’m working hard towards making my dreams come true, last week things weren’t revving up the way I would have liked.

But then: I met the Boston Bloggers and everything changed!

I have been writing to you all in the “inter-webs” for just over two years now. Many of you have been through website changes, title changes, good writing and really, really bad (I don’t know why I published it) type writing. You’ve been with me through thick and thin and I love you ALL! Seriously, thank you so much for reading every week!!

I was scared because I didn’t know how many readers was too little or if I could ever pull off this grand scheme of writing until eternity and partnering that love with my yoga teaching…and then I got the most amazing dose of reality. My fabulous hairdresser mentioned that The Boston Bloggers hold quarterly events and that their holiday party was around the corner. I signed up without thinking (as we are moving back — I wanted networking and friends). I had NO idea what to expect and was blown away by the creative, beautiful and independent men and women I met at the event.

I met a fabulous blogger Janaee who toured me around and introduced me to some of her friends. I met Alaina who is one of the most adorable little pregnant ladies I’ve ever met. I ran into Smita the photographer who I soooooooooo want to do a photo shoot with IMMEDIATELY! I met Brittany who is a fabulous textile/fashionista. I met a marketer who’s becoming a fast friend, a lawyer with amazing connections (and who is cute as a button), and a wonderful women in advertising. The event was full of positivity, delicious food and fabulous outfits. Even if my hairdresser didn’t make it to the party (tsk tsk), I had the opportunity to meet some AMAZING women.

What amazed me the most was that they were all so supportive of what I do and wanted to know more! This excited me and also saddened me at the same time. While I love what I do and my main drive in life is to bring people back to the LOVE, it saddens me that we still need this in our society. My hope and wish is that someday we will create beautiful miracles and remind ourselves and our children that we are perfect right where we are. All you need to know is that you are on the right path, today.

It is something I take to heart and occasionally need reminding of myself. Isvara Pranidhana — the belief that everything will work out the way it should! (JAI MA!)

Alas at the beginning of my week I was feeling down trodden and broken. As always, all it took was a flip in perspective and the opportunity to meet new people on this amazing path of life.

The Little Things

* Say it, sweat it challenge

* All of my Instgram challenges, especially the amazing participants in the power your spirit challenge!

* Daddy/daughter time — looking for places to live, drinking smoothies and Christmas shopping

* Doing a fashion challenge on instagram!

* My first Hmart experience!!! — Complete with sushi dinner and mochis for dessert.

* Girls night sleepover with my mom: terrible Arnold movies, delicious dinner & snacks with ritz and brie 😉

* Writing, writing, writing & yoga, yoga, yoga

* Cuddling with both my furry babes, snuggles with my hubby and the gratitude towards our family

* Spending time with my gram!

* Slowly decorating our tree

* Aztec soy hot chocolates

* Private self-love sessions (more on this soon)

Paying it Forward

* Picking up big boxes for Gram at the church fair

* A “door train” — the love of passing on the love

* Being VERY mindful in traffic

* Sneakily buying presents for others

* Saying Merry Christmas to strangers

* Buying a hot chocolate for someone in need

* Offering my services for free to someone in need

Here’s to hoping you have an amazing Friday and an even better weekend ahead! In the comments below, please tell me about a time YOU paid it forward. I’m always looking for weekly inspiration!!

Sending you love, light, gratitude & paying it forward inspiration!



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