Free Love Friday: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

So much fun that two amazing “holidays” fell this week: Valentine’s Day & Self Love Day. What a blessing it is to be all about love.

And here’s the thing…. it’s not just about finding the perfect man or woman to be with, it’s about loving yourself and accepting the love around you as well. It’s paying it forward and knowing that when the time is right, you will be rewarded with whatever the universe’s intention is to give you! Just keep giving and loving ~ it’s the perfect place to be.

The past few weeks have been crazy and I apologize for not writing as many Free Love Fridays as I should have. I’ve been opening a yoga studio (CRAZY PANTS), raising start up funds and donations for Yoga Reaches Out (my goal is $1,000 by Valentine’s Day ~ TODAY ~ and I could still make it!), creating more amazing features for The Ahimsa Project and giving some fabulous Soulful Sound Sessions! It’s been a fun, fast and amazing few weeks.

Source: unknown
Source: Unknown

I’m so excited to express my gratitude on today, the day of LOVE! Friday this year is lining up to have some pretty great days.

These past few weeks I have paid it forward by:

* Having a Pay What You Can Day (yesterday) on The Ahimsa Project
* Helping my dad hide and gives clues to my moms Valentine’s gifts
* Gave a few services for free
* Called a bridal shop for my best friend
* Worked with an up and coming designer on my new logo for her portfolio and our studio
* Helped someone cross the street
* Shoveled out the driveway (my least favorite thing to do but I wanted to help!)
* SO much more ~ I need an app to help me remember

I’m SOOOOO grateful for:

* Puppy love (Apollo has been so full of love the past few days), Hubby’s day off being Valentine’s Day(!), my latest giveaway on Facebook with Balay Jewelry, MY NEW YOGA STUDIO OPENING IN A MONTH, love, working my behind off, Soulful Sound Sessions (these women are seriously amazing), the new group of Ohmies coming into The Ahimsa Project, knowing I’ll be in NYC with our friends next weekend, haircut appointments, a day of shopping and lunch, cuddling in bed, finally feeling better, homemade soups, B-school love & vulnerability, donations to my campaign from friends and new customers, opinions on my new logo, people rallying to help me at every turn, love sweet love, essential oils, reiki and a crystal ball reading that I’ll be receiving tonight!

In the comments below, let me know what YOU are grateful for or how you paid it forward this week.

Sending you so much love!

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