Free Love Friday: Post Christmas LOVE

What a whirlwind the past few days: holidays, last minute shopping, parties, church, saris, presents, wrapping paper, love, warmth, fire place snuggling, cousin love, heavy & delicious dinners, more presents, more parties and more love.

I’m not sure how we fit it all in, but somehow I went offline for 3 days and my husband and I squeezed in more than we could imagine in order for us to have one of the best Christmas’ we have ever had. It was full of scuba diving, yogi magic and lots of family time!

As always, we gave with our hearts and this week was no exception. After a really difficult Christmas Eve morning, I decided to go visit my Baba’s grave and it made all the difference in the world! I sang him a few Christmas carols and then went off for fun parties and an amazing church sermon on Christmas Eve (thank goodness for soulful music and funny ministers).

Among all the crazy and wonderful gifts (material and spiritual), I was able to squeeze in a few last minute self-love sessions. I haven’t told you about them yet but they are coming, and they will be GRAND!! **Details coming soon!!**

This week in terms of paying it forward I:

* Gave a sandwich to someone who needed it
* Paid extra for a lollipop (proceeds went to St. Jude) and then gave the lollipop to a little girl behind me in line
* Paid someone’s parking meter
* Drove with kindness & love (which if you know me, can be very difficult)
* Helped with fun family activities
* Self-love sessions for The Ahimsa Ohmies



Things I am grateful for:

* Hot chocolate (lots, and lots of hot chocolate)
* Snowmen for my collection
* Yoga clothes, mala beads, new yogi purse, incense, oils, meditation and all my fun new jewelry and outfits from Christmas!!
* Time to be on my mat
* Green smoothies & healthy food
* Lots of fun dinners with family
* Zoo Lights & Abe and Louie’s Adventure
* Church pageant, Christmas Eve Service & seeing my baba
* Time in the Cape tomorrow
* Self-love sessions
* House hunting

I hope YOU are rolling in post holiday love and that things have begun to return to a more normal schedule in your home. I’m sending you lots of love, light & joy this week!!

Get out there– do yoga & make life SPARKLE!!

P.s. Have YOU signed up for my Goal Setting Workshop yet?! It’s happening on Monday at 4pm and will be recorded!!! I cannot wait to have you there, and would be honored if you could join us.¬†

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