Free Love Fridays: Candles & Cuddling

I love Free Love Fridays! This is only the second week and I already feel amazing. This past week, during the Power Your Spirit challenge one of the challenges was to perform a random act of kindness. Pieces of my list included:

  • Driving with kindness (and letting others go in front of me)
  • Buying an extra turkey ticket at Shaw’s to support the local food bank
  • Sending three over-do letters (including a very over-do thank you note)
  • Buying a gift for someone who deserves it
  • Promoting friends because their work is simply amazing
  • Supporting blogs, making snacks & then sharing them with others!
  • Holding the door open and then watching the person behind me follow the act
  • Picking up trash on the side of the street while apartment hunting
  • Found forgiveness when I thought there may be nothing left….it took a lot, but I opened my heart and began the process of letting go and forgiving someone who hurt me deeply.

In terms of gratitude, I have a TON to be grateful for this week!

For starters, I was on the cover of More Love Magazine. I wrote an article on gratitude in November and de-stressing in December (check it out)! I was so blessed to be featured in this amazing online magazine and it came the week of my blogs 2nd blog-a-versary. What a treat!

I also had the time of my life this past Saturday. Hubby and I hosted a Diwali party at our home and ended up having close to 30 people stop by over the course of the evening. I was blessed, beaming and ran completely out of food! I could NOT have done this at all without the help of my mother in law. She made most of the food (aside from my mom’s infamous and delicious mac & cheese), she brought extra plates, napkins, servers and more. I was so happy to finally celebrate one of hubby’s holidays and had an amazing time getting cozy with all our loved ones.

Also this week, I interviewed some RAD women for the woo-woo series. I cannot wait to share them with you… but as a teaser – there will be sex, drool-worthy biz tips and a vision of angels. I cannot WAIT!

The Little Things

  • Hubby finally catching on to green smoothies for breakfast (only took me 4 years…)
  • Controversial video making
  • Amazing session with Nikki Elledge Brown
  • Meeting 3 RAD women on Wednesday
  • Another amazing session with {Peace.Love.Free} Jeanette LeBlanc
  • Planning retreats and creating love workshops for YOU
  • Lighting a new candle
  • Finding the perfect hot chocolate (I am STILL on the hunt)
  • Knowing tomorrow will be spent with my three favorite men in the world (plus Apollo, so I guess 4!)
  • Even more women joining in The Ahimsa Project
  • Talks about some of my favorite things: yoga, business & traveling.
  • Feeling the love from my best friend MILES and MILES away
  • Making delicious & healthy recipes all week: Pumpkin/almond butter (OMG so good– I added in more raw cocoa), Wonton Soup (I handmade the wontons!!!), Indian chili bowls (with vegan beef) & a lazy night of homemade pizza!!
  • My blogs 2nd blog-a-versary!
  • WAY too many episodes of Revenge
  • Cuddling. Always.

Rock on yogis! Here’s to paying it forward and always holding the door open behind you… as well as keeping the door to your heart WIDE open.

Love, love, love



14 thoughts on “Free Love Fridays: Candles & Cuddling

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks Webly! And thanks again for your question. It caused quite the controversy 🙂 It’s interesting….such a small difference and yet such a big debate. Kind of like Apple Vs. Android. They both have amazing benefits — I’m just biased and love yoga and find it beneficial. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  1. Karen Yankovich

    Jenny this is so perfect for me! I just launched my new product, and I’ve been SO SO busy, I’m not taking enough time for candles and cuddling. Thanks for all the great ideas! I’m impressed that you make sure you’re finding something to be grateful for in all of YOUR business. <3

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Aww thanks Karen! I make it a point to write a weekly gratitude post (and did so each Monday if you look up Magical Mondays)… but I wanted to start integrating paying it forward… so Free Love Friday was born. Lots to be grateful for and reflect on this week as always. I’m a HUGE believer in self-care and giving back… we just need to balance them out! <3

  2. Janine

    Great post, Jenny! This post was a great reminder to push pause, take stock of what’s actually going on in my life, and y’know…appreciate the heck out of the people around me. Sometimes it’s easy to forget this when we get busy. <3

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks Janine! It is SOOOOO important to press pause. We need to appreciate the heck out of the ones we love as they are our biggest supporters!! <3

  3. Sara

    I’m LOVING the concept of Free Love Fridays, and I’m totally going to try and remember to implement one for myself. Your list is lovely – letters to friends, buying an extra turkey, opening doors and observing what happens, gifts, promoting friends… aaaahhhh, it all sounds so healing. Thank you for the fabulous idea. <3

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Sara you’re so welcome 🙂 It’s wonderful to observe, to open your heart, to cultivate gratitude and to give back!! It’s one of my favorite things. Thanks so much for responding 🙂

  4. April

    Jenny, I don’t know how you do it, but after reading your posts, I just feel…good. Like a spiritual exhale…thank you for being such a positive force of energy out there…this world needs more of YOU!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thank you so much April!!! I’m gushing 🙂 I love giving back and helping others… as well as remembering (every single day) how blessed I am. This week especially, as there was a suicide in my distant family… it is just a testament to always remember how blessed I truly am. Thank you for always reading and commenting !!

      1. Theressa

        So sorry for your loss Jen.
        You are doing fab things in the world! When reading through your list I feel a sense of achievement too as I can say I’ve done 6! Thank you for shining a light on these little thing 😉
        With love xx


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