Free Love Fridays: We Saved a Life

Have you ever been in one of those situations? The kind where you need to act immediately and you only hope and wish and pray that it was the right choice to make?

My husband and I did JUST that this past Sunday. We were in Sear’s walking around looking for a new briefcase for hubby and enjoying the (way too early) Christmas decor when I turned my eye and saw a little girl crying all alone. My heart melted and as I did a quick intake I noticed she was alone. I looked at a woman across from me and she mouthed: “Is she yours?” Nope — but I immediately went to her and knelt down to ask if she was okay. **More Tears**

We instantly knew she was lost and I held her small little hand in mine. My husband and I contacted a young man at the counter who took us to the office (and I’ll spare you the details, but let us just say Sear’s is USELESS and I was HIGHLY disappointed in the search & rescue skills… or caring, but that’s a story for another day). I sat with this beautiful little girl and asked her all sorts of questions while my husband ran around the store to find who she belonged to. Before Sear’s even began to look (or call her mom over the intercom), my husband arrived with mommy at the door.

I had never had such a heavy and lifted heart at the same time. I wanted to cry with her, hold her hand & tell her it would be okay…but I also wanted to shout with joy and excitement when my husband walked through the door with her mother. What a gift to see them reunited!

This weeks Free Love Fridays was all about saving this little one from being alone and being frightened! Among of course, all the little things:

* Holding open doors

* Being a kind driver

* Feeding meters (and having ours fed!)

* Remembering the power of family (and hugs)

This week I have a lot to be grateful for including and especially my own life. In my distant family this week a young woman passed of her own will and it rattled me to the core. It reminded me that we are only here for a short time and I am enjoying, thriving and LOVING each and every moment. I want to give YOU that love as well and help you to embrace the knowledge that YOU are worthy and YOU are LOVED!

The Little Things

* Waking up with Apollo AND Digger on my bed

* Life Alive TWICE this week with my hubby!

* Delicious new smoothies and a recipe book on the way

* Yoga, yoga, yoga!!

* A brand new about me page (seriously, go check it out), new category links to your right (yay!) AND a small section above you where you can sign up for my newsletter (or you could just click HERE to get weekly love sent straight to your inbox).

* New clothes from my favorite store

* Terrible Mexican food, forgiveness and an unexpected evening

* AN AMAZING day with my dad, brother and husband: watching Thor (I even wore my Thor t-shirt in the theater!!!), touring towns, shopping and way too much food!

* Finally being caught up on Revenge

* SO many beautiful souls signing up for The Ahimsa Project

* Alone time

* New socks

* Amazing Power Your Spirit entries!

* Spending all day with my mom house hunting and finding the beauty through the cracks

* An unexpected “birthday” lunch with some of my favorite ladies — including a birthday cookie!

* Waiting in line until midnight with my husband for his PS4 that we ordered in August and then seeing his excitement as he opened it when we got home!

* Being featured in Tegan’s blog on “Souls with Spirit” (check it out!)


* Traveling & being able to work from anywhere (including my moms couch, my mother in laws kitchen, cafes, dog parks and more)! 😉

Apollo & I traveling (we did a LOT of that this week!)

These are just a few little things I love this week… what’s on YOUR list? Leave a comment below of one way you payed it forward this week or something you are grateful for!

Sending you LOVE & a reminder that YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Love, light & Namaste!

2 thoughts on “Free Love Fridays: We Saved a Life

  1. Marie Overfors

    Hi Jenny – Well… I love your post. Love leading my tai chi class. Love my kids, family and friends. Love going for walks, eating, hot brandy on a cold night, laughter, cooking, yoga!, and napping on a lazy day. Thanks for such a wonderful story and message of gratitude.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thank you Marie! And I love your gratitude list. What amazing things to be grateful for 🙂 love & light!


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