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Owning your own business is phenomenal…. especially if you LOVE what you do. As a yoga teacher and studio owner, I love every single moment of my job and my life. But it wasn’t always this way.

This past year we have been through a lot: changing homes, location, jobs, environment, routines and more. In the past four and a half years we have been together, my husband and I have lived in four homes, changed jobs frequently, brought home Apollo, loved Digger madly, taken only one “real” vacation together (our honeymoon), started {and finished} various degrees and certificates, bought & sold cars and so much more. Being together has been amazing through all these changes and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for the world.


Last year wasn’t exactly this way. Although grateful for every blessing and moment I had in front of me, it was so hard for me to TRULY feel in each moment. Changing jobs and doing what I loved only once a week really weighed heavy on my mind, soul AND body. I felt so incapable. I wanted to be a wonderful employee and yet I wanted so desperately to be out in the world of yoga. I wanted to be teaching and BEING in the yoga lifestyle. I lived and I counted my blessings and I was kept grounded by the worlds best husband…. but it was a struggle to go to work each day and leave a piece of me behind for 8 hours every single day.

Now… it’s NO SECRET that I didn’t like going to work, but I did try. I loved the people I worked with (honestly I really did) and I enjoyed the work we were doing. The company I worked for was amazing: trips around the country and the world, working for a company that would streamline education and connect millions of little hearts together was a huge blessing. I am grateful beyond belief to have worked for this company TWICE in its very short existence and am proud of where they are going and how I was a tiny piece of that puzzle.

For the first time since leaving the company in September, I realized something this week. THIS is what I was working for. I worked at my old company in order to gain a certain amount of knowledge and education, to learn from new and old styles of sales, to reconnect to the corporate world and step into my students shoes. I worked there in order to meet beautiful souls, afford my 500 hour teacher training and be fully prepared to step into the life I was meant to live when I was ready.

And this week, I was ready.

After being open for a month, I took my first few classes off and it was AMAZING!

Ella Leila Ryan

For a while, I thought owning your own business was about doing what you love every day. And this week, I realized that it is about creating the LIFE you want to live. The life I wanted to live this week meant meeting new babies, playing on the mat with Shiva Rea and connecting with other bloggers. This week I wanted to experience yoga off the mat: to play at the museum with my little brother and watch my mom bowl for the first time in 30 years. I wanted to eat, drink and enjoy the delicious sips of life all around me. I wanted to take (guilt-free) time off from the job I love.



And when it was all over, I wanted to return and continue teaching from a place of authenticity. I wanted to smother my students with love and be reminded that this is the life I chose.

I worked really hard to get where I am right now. I’m ever grateful for my husband who helped push me, support me and love me. I’m ever grateful to my teachers who gave me the gentle pushes and guidance I needed. I’m grateful to my family for their never ending support. I’m grateful for all the tears and the bad/sad moments that lead up to this big and beautiful moment. I’m grateful to my old co-workers and my old job for helping me realize where I needed to be. I’m grateful for this life…. every single moment.


Cherish all your moments.

Embrace the beauty and

The importance of each one.”

~ Melody Beattie

Sending you love & light for each and every moment.

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