Goddess Circle

Online Healing Circle

What is it

This weekly circle is held on Wednesday evenings at 8pm. Twice a year we will deep dive into a variety of topics as we share, journal, heal and practice meditation together.

Each week we will begin with a 45 minute presentation on our topic and a group discussion, followed by “yoga.” In quotation marks because some of it will be Kundalini meditations, some will be flow and ALL will be accessible as I have some amazing humans in this group who are spoonies, new to yoga, or tired mamas who sometimes just need to lay down and hear my voice.

Open to all who identify as a woman or feel safe to be heard in a space for women; LGBTQ friendly (always)… please come as you are (also always).

Are we learning anything?

Yes! ALL about yourself! You’ll also be deep diving into the following topics.

Goddess Circle Topics include:

Autumn Intention Setting Ceremony
Tapping into Your Intuition
Exploring the Mother Wound
Autumn Equinox
Open & loving conversation on identity
Healing through the generations

What are the exact dates??

This next round is September 13th – November 29th.


What do we do exactly?

Each week we will begin with a 45 minute presentation on our topic and a group discussion, followed by “yoga.” I’m a huge power point fan so I’ll wow you with information on our given topic before we begin diving into it as a team! Some nights we listen and we rest. Some nights are lively chats. Some nights are more movement based. It truly depends on our group as a whole.


Investment- $333

Are payment plans available?

Of course! Payment plans are available via autopay. I want this to be as easy for you as possible. You can pay weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or in chunks. So long as your balance is paid in full by end of September.

Payment in full can be made through Venmo.

Email jennylaneyoga@gmail.com for details.

How many people are allowed in??

Last round we had 12 folks. That was a lot and I will likely cap it at no bigger than 15!

How do I get started and sign up??

  1. Set up a connection call with Jenny
  2. Three easy options for payment ::
  3. Put $333 investment in full via Venmo OR send an email to jennylaneyoga.com for a payment plan
  4. You’re all set! We begin in September and will an email will be sent with all login details and information at the end of summer.

Entirely online.