Gracious Gratitude

Today is a gratitude post. Originally I had titled these articles: Magical Mondays. I love the name, but I am grateful every day! I think it is more important to do without title and post gratitude lists when I’m able!

With that said, here is a list of this past week’s highlights!

This past weekend I was asked by my doctor to lay low and not do much work. He said the reason I wasn’t getting better from this terrible, no-good, awful cold was because I wasn’t resting. At first, I was upset because I am not very good at resting or sitting still. However after an hour, I revisited the idea with a more grateful heart. It was an opportunity to slow down and listen to my body.

Pieces of my meditation altar!

On Friday evening, I went to bed at 8:00pm and did not wake up until Saturday morning at 11:00am! The doctor may have had a point, as I had a similar sleeping schedule for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I was able to spend the weekend with family and friends, laying low! I rested, took a bubble bath and completed my meditation altar!

I have been thinking about creating a meditation altar for a while now and while I was visiting my parents, I was able to go to Andover Metaphysical Bookstore, Circles of Wisdom near their home. I found some beautiful pieces as well as a shelving system at Pier 1 Imports for the altar itself! IT. IS. PERFECT. I often have trouble meditating and in creating this space, it allows me to find my center.

Sleepy Puppy, Apollo

I am also grateful for puppy kisses. Apollo has been in our lives for almost a year, and he is an amazing blessing. We bought him a cute new dinosaur toy this weekend (spoiled) and he was so full of love and light while carrying it around. He was full of thankful puppy kisses and I couldn’t be more grateful to have him in our lives!

Another blessing is our kitty Digger! He has finally begun to adjust to our new home even though we’ve been here since July, and is beginning to cuddle even more than ever now. It is so nice to have him back in full swing – fitting in and adjusting to everything.

The Little Things

Pier 1 Imports, meditation altar, rejoining weight watchers, my confidence level (due to eating well and more yoga!), YOGA, spending time with my hubby, mandatory resting, new incense, candles & oils, spending time at Common Sense with Nadia, puppy kisses, kitty cuddles, wearing my glasses, new papaya paintings, Hallmark movies with my mom, boat girlfriends, new cocktails, a clean house, our new office, productive board meetings with the best board members a girl could ask for, productive & fun days at itslearning, Kai, new dishwashers & feeling more balanced!

Try to find at least three new things you are grateful for today.
Write them down.
Reflect and Smile.

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!


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