Guest Post: Apollo’s First Year

My name is Apollo and my mom says that she talks about me a lot on this “blog” thing she does so I wanted to stop by and say hi. Today I am a little tired, but normally very hyper and fun! I wanted to share with you all a few highlights of what it’s like to have my mom and dad in my life.

My 1st night home

When I was born I was living in a farm in Georgia. It was a big barn with 57 other dogs and the lady who lived there didn’t have enough time for me. I was just a few weeks old when some ladies came to rescue me. I had 11 other brothers and sisters, but only myself and 9 others made it to the shelter. Mommy said the other 2 babies didn’t even make it because they froze to death overnight.

Mommy and dad saw me online one night at Starbright Rescue Animal Shelter where I was staying with some nice people in Georgia waiting for a good home. They loved me at first sight (thats what she said) and I loved them from the moment I walked through the door.

Our first night was very scary. I pooped in the car in my crate and snuggled with my monkey. It was loud and cold and snowing and I didn’t know where we were going or who my mommy was yet. Mommy pulled over at a gas station and cleaned me up and put more blankets on me while we continued on our way to my new home.

When we got home, dad was waiting for us with his video camera! It was so warm and much bigger than any place I had ever lived. We had a snack and I got more cleaned up and then it was time for bed. I was in my crate and already missed my mommy. She kept checking on me but wouldn’t take me out because she said her book told her not to put me in bed. I whined a little bit and finally she came to get me. Mommy and dad put me in their bed and I snuggled all night. I was so good I didn’t even need to go potty until morning!

My first week home!

I loved cuddling with them from the moment I was home and in the past year I have had so many adventures! I started puppy training (and graduated from intermediate), I learned how to swim in Wolfeboro, I moved into a giant mansion, I got a fun brother named Digger who I LOVE to play with, I come when my name is called (and it makes my mom so happy), I went to yoga classes and met many students, I walk on the beach (my favorite!!), I go to doggy daycare with my friends sometimes, I have a few girlfriends, I have many friends (Turk & Byron are my favorite), I love my grandparents, I like riding in the car with my mom, I had my first Christmas and my birthday (that I share with my mom) and I only bark if there is something or someone scary outside (which is rare).

I hope you like my story! I love my new life and have had the best year so far. I’m looking forward to many more and cannot wait to see the beach again in Wolfeboro or our beaches in the Cape when it’s warm outside. I want to go swimming soon!

Here are some pictures of my year:

Sleeping after a weekend with Rhia

Chilling in my mansion with dad

My brother Digger! I love him so much.

One of my favorite toys

The beach where dad proposed!

The 1st day I went swimming in Wolfeboro!

At the biggest beach I’ve ever been at!!

Riding on grandpa’s boat in NH!


Everyone says I’m spoiled….

Sending lots of cuddles and a lot of love from my new family.

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