Happy Anniversary, Barefoot!

I started writing this post with a whimsical feel, talking all about how much I love everyone and how sometimes it’s difficult to run a business – my yoga studio, Barefoot Yoga Shala – especially with an infant in my lap as I type this up. And this week was honestly one of the more difficult. My heart was heavy and my emotions had me up, down, backwards and sideways. I had the wind knocked out of my sails and mustered up every ounce of energy I had in order to teach and serve my students. One of the biggest challenges we face as teachers is to never allow our energy to effect theirs and this week I was tested…a lot.

One of the BIGGEST lessons I have learned in the last two years is this:
take care of yourself and listen to your intuition.

I am still learning those lessons, but know that they appear when I’m not being true to myself.

Even though I am a wizard with my words, I feel that sometimes a picture is sometimes all I need and as such I have included many below from our first two years together. These last two years.. they were full of ups and downs, highs and lows… mostly highs, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, UNBELIEVABLE highs. We had our first retreat, created new workshops full of spirituality, strength and love, created & implemented a teacher training, have had hundreds of students and a handful of teachers walk through our front door, been privy to a class or two taught by Apollo, had students awaken in savasana to see a baby on my heart (whether inside my belly or here in this world) and so much more.

To say that I am grateful for each of you arriving at the shala each day is an understatement. YOU support me and lift me high as a teacher and a local business owner. You make me laugh, make me smile and help me cry when I need to release. Each of you walked into my life at the exact right moment and for that I bow to you.

THANK YOU for being here soul warriors: on the mat, online or just passing by for a hug. I love you lots and bow to each of you. Cheers to two years together and here’s to many, many more.



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