Happy New Year!

Happy, happy new year to each of you!!

Life has a funny way of working itself out. The last time I wrote to you was on the darkest night of the year: the winter solstice. So much has happened since then, including Zyan’s first Christmas and our first New Years party in quite some time. I have been attending parties, working hard on the RYT final curriculum and creating lasting memories with my family. Today may not be the longest day of the year, nor may it even reach above 35 degrees throughout my adventure in NYC, but it’s one of the warmest and brightest days of the year. Full of bright lights heading toward the future.

I mention this every year, but I set GOALS and INTENTIONS as opposed to resolutions. Knowing I would be in the city over the holiday, I wrote mine last week and have been beaming ever since. I’ll write about them more officially soon, but essentially this coming year is my “year of the octopus.” An octopus has 3 hearts and my biggest intention of 2016 is to balance the love I have in my heart for my family, friends and studio. And I picked an octopus for obvious reasons: I’m a mermaid (and one of my goals this year is to spend a lot of time with Ziggy in the water) and an octopus is way cooler than “the year of the triangle.”

I hope that you’re setting SMART goals and reaching them throughout the year with an amazing plan! I hope that today is a bright, warm burst of energy and love for you. I hope that vitality, love, abundance and prosperity reach you in giant waves in 2016. And I’m sending you an abundance of love.

Love you all lots!
Happy New Year!!!!

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