Happy Valentine’s Day: New News!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!
Today marks the beginning of a very long and real project that I hope we are able to embark upon together. I am creating The Ahimsa Project which is a project I am creating on self-love and creating a better you through yoga, meditation and glittery goodness! The yogiocho.blogspot website will be moving in a few weeks and I will be creating lovely videos for you all answering your questions and spreading some delicious information about yoga, glitter and self-love.
Please watch this first video and bare with me. It’s all about the process and although I may be starting a bit prior to being “100% ready” you’re NEVER ready…. so I wanted you to know what’s in the works, where we will be going together and please let me know if you have any questions within the comments below.
Also, please share this new post (and any others to follow) through twitter, facebook, youtube or just your friends and families emails! I look forward to sharing with all of you and am sending you a tremendous amount of valentine’s day love.

Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!

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