Healing Circle

Manifesting, yoga and “the work” has lifted you to a higher place, but you feel as though something is missing. There is something more. You feel good. You feel okay. But you want to feel radiant, healed and beautiful from the inside out!

Are you looking for a community of like minded individuals who want to heal their hearts and stop the patterns of a negative mindset?

Do you feel stuck in a continuous pattern and feel as though you’re ALMOST “there?”

Are you interested in learning more about crystals, kundalini + yoga?

Have you always dreamed of massive wealth or a loving, divinely connected relationship?

Look no further.

Our Healing Circle is a two month community style coaching program that meets bi-weekly via zoom. Classes will be 90 minutes on Thursday evenings starting at 8:30pm. All classes are live and will not be recorded. Intuitive group coaching available in each session with optional discounted individual intuitive coaching available in between.

Each week we will dive deep into healing modalities that will lighten your heart. Whatever you’re working on (scarcity mindset, lack of abundance, heartache), we will come together as a community to heal. Expect Kundalini meditations, crystal healing, reiki, individualized intuitive coaching and a little bit of yoga mixed in between.

Week 1 – Breaking the Chain
Week 2 – Beyond the Band-Aid
Week 3 – Reconnecting to our Higher Purpose
Week 4 – Connecting to Higher Vibrations + Love

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2 thoughts on “Healing Circle

  1. Dawn Sulmasy

    Hi Jenny!
    Is there still room in your Healing Circle? I am considering it! Logistically it’s nearly perfect but I am wondering how the class Is structured, my daughter has practice 8-930, at 940 I need to walk her to the car because of the location. I can be on mute but would I miss participating or some deep visualization? Also, I would be I. A car/parking lot. Would this be problematic? I appreciate the healer heal thyself model a lot, and definitely want to shift from ok to radiant! I had a health coaching Biz back in the day with a cooking school and I want to find ways to get back there but also included some sort of healing work too, I am gaining clarity on what “my” work is and thinking this class could be helpful. Would you agree or am I misunderstanding? Thanks!!

    1. admin Post author

      This would be hugely helpful for you identifying your own internal heart work. And yes yes! If you’re there, if you’re able to share and be present (even in a parking lot:)) I would love to have you!


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