Hold me accountable!!

It is finally that favorite time of year where we all make some deliciously crazy New Years Resolutions… and two weeks later, they are GONE!

Did you know that the national day we give up our New Years Resolutions isn’t until January 17th? You all have two more days to hold yourselves accountable to your resolutions, goals and desires…OR you could do what I do and create a list of fun goals for the whole year.

This year I went a step beyond. I believe my year’s “word” last year was yoga — I had it on my mind all the time, and wanted nothing more than to get back into my old lifestyle of teaching, writing and being in the yoga world. But this year, I CHOSE a few actual words… intentionally to go along with my list of goals. And I want YOU to help hold me accountable.

I’m planning on updating this list three times throughout the year, and would love it if you could remind me or hold me accountable to my list of goals!!

Without further ado!

My year’s words are: ABUNDANCE, STRENGTH & LOVE!

My year’s goals are as follows:

1. Finish my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training

2. Complete my Reiki Certification 1.12.14 COMPLETE!

3. Complete my Thai Massage Certification


5. Host a (few) successful yoga retreat(s) {{SIGN UP HERE!!!}}

6. Write for Huffington Post and/or Daily Love

7. Embrace my style

8. 15 Mani/Pedis

9. Monthly Massages

10. Scuba Dive!!

11. Host a Diwali Party

12. Take a trip with friends

13. Create a new tradition

14. More time in Wolfeboro!!!

15. Ambassador for a yoga product

16. Begin writing my book

17. Go to a place I have never been

18. DJ more often!

19. Read more for FUN!! (Non-yoga/business books ~ even though those are fun, try new books)

20. Find the perfect home

21. Meditate daily

22. Try something on Pinterest monthly

23. Eat more fish & veggies

24. More green smoothies & tea!

25. Scrapbook our wedding album (and the 2 years since our wedding)

26. Use my DSLR MUCH MORE!

27. Buy a Kitchen Aid Mixer for my mom

28. Try new forms of exercise

29. Write more love letters (handwritten notes sent to friends & family)

30. Speak at an event!

31. Take a sushi making class

reiki, reiki master
Check 1: Reiki Certification 1/12/14!


Want to show me YOURS? 😉

Tell me some of your goals, adventures and bucket lists down below in the comments! I cannot WAIT to see what YOU have lined up for 2014!!

Get out there — do yoga and make life sparkle!

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