How I Brought Back the (Pink) Light

Yesterday was just one of those days: pregnant and entirely hormonal. It started with tears and ended with joy. I always try to find gratitude, especially during the harder days and yesterday was no different. After a really rough morning and an evening of no sleep, I ventured off (with a hug from my husband and a band of woo-woo friend virtual hugs and prayers), to go hear my little man and then see my hair stylist.

Needless to say I spent much of my afternoon feeling lifted, happy and free.

It was the smallest thing that lifted my spirits: my hair. I went in to my appointment only expecting to be a bit more blonde and my colorist (the amazing Andrae), told me that there was a new pink formula that took less than half the time to place the color in my hair. I’ve been craving the color for weeks, but being this pregnant I couldn’t sit in the salon for that long and so I decided to go without. When he suggested bringing the pink back I nearly cried right there (again) in the chair.


Being a mama to be is such an interesting transition. I’m trying to hold on to who I am at my core and yet also preparing for this unknown life and transition into motherhood. At times it is a beautiful vinyasa wave ready to unfold and go with the flow. Other times it’s hard, rough and really sucks. I miss water skiing, tubing and being on the boat with the wind whipping in my hair. I miss the occasional margarita, my sushi and ANY clothes that do not say maternity on them. But on that same token, these are teeny tiny sacrifices I am making in order to meet my son. This little nugget that I’ve been creating for the last nine months is within reach and these last few weeks are driving me insane because I’m so excited/anxious and ready to meet him.

Gratitude is my daily practice. No matter what I miss pre-pregnancy or how hard today is on my physical body, I am grateful. Grateful that I get to meet me son so soon, grateful that I brought a little bit of sexy back yesterday and really grateful for that 1/2 caf latte I’m about to consume to get me through another day with little sleep. I try to live in the positive, always.

And it seems I’m not alone. I believe one of the reasons I have been manifesting such an amazing life and staying connected is due to so many others along my path. Not only have I been working on myself internally, but my students feed me energy and love. Every single time I walk into the studio I feel the gift of their presence and their joy. What a gift!!! My family lifts me even higher: time spent on the lake or with one another anywhere is a gift I always cherish.

In the near future I have so many AHHmazing transitions: motherhood, a new home-to-be and my very first yoga teacher training and I know they will each come with the most amazing challenges and even bigger blessings. As Danielle Laporte said this morning in her truthbomb: “Be open to it being way better than you imagined.”


And it will be.

Do YOU have any gratitude to share this morning?

In my daily practice, I try to record the little things that make me smile on a small notebook I keep in my purse. It helps to remind me of the mini blessings that make up my day and it helps even more for me to say them aloud. I would love for you to share your gratitude in the comments below so we can keep this beautiful blessing train going.

Thank you for being here soul warriors – you are a gift that I appreciate more than you know.

Many blessings, love & light

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