How to Balance

As a yogi, my life focuses on balance. I am balancing in poses, balancing in life and balancing inner & outer choas.
I am the director/founder of a 501c3 yoga non-profit, work a full time job in educational technology, teach yoga once a week, am enrolled in my 500 hour teacher training, have OHMwork & work “homework”, write blog posts, am in the midst of creating The Ahimsa Project and so much more professionally.
Personally I am a furry baby mom, a wife, a newbie chef, a green smoothie lover and have a brand new relatively large house to take care of everyday.
People often ask me how I do it. How I wake up everyday at 5:00am (or earlier) to meditate, do yoga, pick up the house, walk the dog, read, write, complete homework and still be home in time for movie night with my amazing husband.
The answer is simple: balance.
I have always lived a busy lifestyle. At one point in high school I was the secretary of the drama club, choir, youth group & community service group. I was the captain/creator of the color guard, editor-in-chief of the newspaper and did well in school.
I choose to be busy. And because I choose to be busy, I need to choose balance.

My dad always told us to look at life like a triangle of balance. Family, work & friends. My triangle has evolved into an octogan but I got what he was saying. In order for everything to work, each point of the triangle needs to be balanced.

I can only write a certain amount of posts per day or week. I write in the car (recording my own voice and then typing once I’m home), I write on lunch breaks at work and in the bathtub after dinner.
I need to set aside time for OHMwork & time for snuggling & walking apollo. Time for my hubby & I to just be at peace. Time for dinner and cooking a healthy meal.
One of the ways I accomplish this is through my google calendar. I used to have the most beautiful light lavendar filofax and evenutally for price reasons, went with a gorgeous Martha Stewart planner. All of this paper was everywhere. I always knew where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing, but I felt so cluttered. I wanted to be able to flip open my iPhone and know where I was supposed to be in the next hour.
It took me two full days, but I eventually transferred everything online. I am so grateful for it.
The other part of my balance is ME TIME. I will talk about this within The Ahimsa Project, but it is so important to encorporate self-love and alone time. I take bubble baths. I stop by the ocean to take pictures. I walk the beach with Apollo & just the sound of (my ever running mind and) the ocean. I write, which is the most freeing experience I know besides practicing yoga. I practice yoga! I take time to enjoy myself, to make green smoothies & indulge in ME.
 I do not think it is selfish, but rather essential to take care of yourself. If I am not taking care of myself and my health, how can I possibly take care of my loved ones and my non-profit?
I don’t have super human powers. I sleep well, I take my vitamins, eat really well & practice yoga regularly both in the physical asana sense as well as meditation and lifestyle.
How do YOU keep balances everyday? Are you overwhelmed?
Remember: inner chaos creates outer choas. Take a deep breath & smile!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle.


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